Helping Kids Adopt Healthy Lifetime Habits


HeConnection-Health-e-Tips-Helping Kids Adopt Healthy Lifetime HabitsHelping Kids Adopt Healthy Lifetime Habits – Children are malleable beings and sometimes that means you have a handful on your hands…but sometimes, that works in your favor. In the case of trying to help your kids adopt healthy lifestyle habits, this malleability can work in your favor.

There are a few top areas of concern in regards to your children’s health that we think parents need to try to tackle at all times until your kids adopt the habit into their own routine and these are:

  1. Eating vegetables at most or all meals
  2. Avoiding processed drinks and foods
  3. Making exercise a priority
  4. Making sleep a priority
  5. Managing stress in every day life
  6. Minimizing exposure to environmental toxins

Many parents give up on trying to get their kids to eat vegetables after their kids refuse them once or twice. We find that if kids are given a variety of options and frequently in different preparation styles, more often than not, kids will then start to accept the vegetables. They may not necessarily love vegetables, but they start to accept the fact that they need to eat them.

Keep trying different vegetables and in various different dishes. However, if you feel like you’ve tried everything you can and repetitively but find that your children still refuse vegetables in their natural whole form, you may want to try to puree them into your sauces like spaghetti sauce or blend them into smoothies so that they at least get the nutrients of the vegetables without having to actually taste the texture.

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Avoiding processed foods and drinks are just as important as eating vegetables because what you eat heavily defines how your health will be. So even if you are eating a lot of vegetables, if the other things you are eating are refined and processed, your body is still more likely to be inflamed. Eating processed foods can put your kids at risk for any genetic predisposition they may have towards various diseases, so make sure you stock your house with healthy real food options instead of foods that come in packages, wrappers or tin cans. You have to be a good role model because kids will likely look towards you for what is normal behavior, so keep that in mind the next time you are at the grocery store and deliberating on what to buy.

If your children already like eating vegetables and avoiding processed food, then make sure that you encourage movement and exercise as a daily habit as well as making sleep a priority for your kids. As a family, encouraging daily, or at minimun weekend outdoor or indoor activities that keep their bodies moving is a good thing. If they grow up feeling like being active is a natural thing, they are more likely to do it as adults. So, going for hikes or bike riding on the weekends or going indoor skating or working out with your kids are good ways for your kids to see how much fun exercise can be.

The expression, ‘seeing is believing’ is actually true for most healthy habits. So if you want your kids to make sleep a priority, you need to as well. Many of my patients will set a lights out time in the house for every one so that their children can see how important sleep is. If they are well rested, many issues like ADHD and mood fluctuations along with stress levels can be tempered since sleep helps with your body’s ability to manage stress hormones and balance and repair your neurotransmitters.

When it comes down to it, the best way to help your kids adopt healthy lifestyle changes in just three words…Live It Yourself! You’ll never go wrong if you are doing the right things, your body will benefit and your children’s health will as well.

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