High Diabetes Care Costs


HeS-News-High Diabetes Care CostsHigh Diabetes Care Costs – Results from a recent study showed that the cost of diabetes care may go up when patients have poor blood sugar control and kidney damage.

Researchers found that diabetes may cost nearly $27,000 over 5 years, even before the cost of drugs.

Fiona Clement, PhD, of the University of Calgary in Canada, and colleagues wanted to see if blood sugar control and kidney problems could affect the costs of caring for people with diabetes.

They found that the 5-year cost of diabetes was about $26,978 per patient not including the cost of drugs. Among patients over the age of 65, the 5-year cost of diabetes care was about $44,511 including drug costs.

Results showed that the cost of diabetes increased if patients had:

  • worsening kidney function
  • proteinuria – a sign of kidney damage in which high levels of protein build up in the urine
  • HbA1c over 7.9 percent

The researchers also found that older age, being Aboriginal (native), socioeconomic status, length of time living with diabetes and living with other diseases were associated with increased cost of care. According to the authors, the cost of caring for people with diabetes is substantial and is linked to poor blood sugar control, poor kidney function and proteinuria.

The authors concluded that future studies should see if improvements in diabetes care could lower costs.

Health-e-Solutions comment: This is just common sense, but many people with diabetes do not place enough importance on blood sugar control. Having optimal blood sugar control can prevent or delay complications and save thousands of dollars.

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Juronal Reference: Diabetes Care, Dec 13, 2012