Serena’s Story: Hope, Success and the Beta Cell Mantra

Last week, one of our friends in OH wrote to us about their encouraging and compelling story of success and hope. We thought we’d share it with you:

Serena's Story“Thank you for a particularly great newsletter.  I remember reading for the first time (in the hours I spent surfing the web for answers) that beta cells could regenerate. You need to find out what is continually destroying them. This became a mantra for me on those days when I was down.  I remember walking around my house saying out loud, “beta cells can regenerate.” It kept me going. It’s only second to “With God, all things are possible.”  I just wanted to share this because it is so emotionally close to my heart.

“When Serena was diagnosed, they told me her pancreas was working at 3%. But, more importantly they (meaning one of the top children’s hospitals in the world) told me it was damaged 97% and would never be able to be fixed. Serena’s HbA1c was 11.4, and her blood glucose was over 500mg/dL. Her non-fasting c-peptide result, taken in the emergency room was 0.2 (very low). She tested positive for islet cell antibodies and GAD65 antibodies.

“One year later when I took in her c-peptide and antibody test results, a lot of jaws dropped! Her blood glucose range was 75 – 130 mg/dL and her HbA1c was 5.5. She tested negative for both antibody tests and her fasting c-peptide had risen to 2.8 – nearly normal, and climbing!  Amazing!

“It is my personal thought that diabetes is caused by eating the wrong foods, allergies and parasites. Serena is able to tolerate a few carbs with fruit and some whole grains but other than that we follow [#TheROmanDIet] diet like you.” *

(* results may vary)

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