How Long Will it Take?HeS-House-of-Health-Roof-How Long Will it Take

One night, I was wondering, when did Gabriel and Nathan’s Type 1 Diabetes start? Were all of the contributing factors present in their genetic makeup even before they were born?  What, if any, environmental factors played a role in the onset of the disease? How long had this dreadful disease been lurking in our sons’ bodies? How long, if ever, will it take for them to fully recover? Answers to all of these questions hopefully lie in the future.

After diagnosis in 2008, it seems to us that Gabriel and Nathan’s bodies are still healing.  We think their bodies have been put in a position of strength that enables them to fight disease, viruses, toxins, stress, and more. We hope that the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle has also minimized enough triggers that their genetic predisposition toward type 1 diabetes has been “deactivated.”

”How long will it take until they are “normal?”  It appears that the autoimmune attack has stopped in our sons. Going back to a standard American diet is NOT an option or a desire for us. We see no reason to go back when we consider that there is a strong possibility that some foods may have contributed to the development of type 1 diabetes.  We think our diet and lifestyle will be beneficial on a long-term basis for them to achieve optimal health.  We urge you to consider changing your lifestyle for better management of diabetes and healthier living.

Health-e-Solutions Nine-Circles-Food-Filters-How Long Will it TakePut your body in a position of strength by promoting, supporting and creating health. Poor health feeds poor health in a vicious cycle, or negative feedback loop that is increasingly difficult to break the longer it runs. Improving health creates a positive feedback loop instead.

Our motto is “Focus on Food.”  We think this must be the foundation for optimal blood sugar control and better living. We consider the right foods to be the most important of our 5 pillars supporting thriving health.

Modern, industrialized food modification, farming, and processing have contributed to the unprecedented rise in chronic lifestyle and autoimmune diseases.  A fundamental problem in diabetes is the body’s inability to metabolize glucose properly.  This in-depth 113-page report provides information, evidence and data with which to understand the theory and methodology behind the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle. It provides you with insight into why we think it works so well for optimizing blood sugar control and better living.