HeConnection-HeS-Lifestyle-HydrationHydration and Race Horses

Hydration is so important that unless you are “going like a race horse” you may need to consider increasing your fluid intake.

We’ve all heard that proper hydration is important, but do you really know how much is enough? Our rule of thumb is one liter per every 30 pounds of body weight. Do you drink that much? If you’re not “going like a race horse” then you are probably not getting enough fluids.

What you drink is every bit as important as how much you drink. Primarily you should be drinking purified, slightly alkaline water – water that is alkaline because of healthy mineral content. We all need plenty of minerals to keep our bodies functioning at peak performance and to keep our immune systems strong.

If you would like our input on how to select the proper water filtration system, check out our special report called, Healthy Water Choices – Your Most Important Nutrient. It will help you make a more informed decision, one that we think is every bit as important as which foods are healthiest and best

Be mindful of your water purity, hydration levels and think of race horses.