Food Matters: I Wish Someone Would Have Said This to Me

We asked people who have been following the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle… At this point in your journey, what do you think is vitalHeS-lifestyle-Solutions-Road-Food Matters to tell people who have just received the news that their child has Type 1 Diabetes? One mother answered, Food Matters:

“I wish someone would have said this to me when [my son] was diagnosed in 2010, “Did you know that there are some Type 1 Diabetics that have changed their diet to make it healthier and now they do not need insulin?” I don’t remember what I googled at that time, but all I could find then was the same info the doctors and nurses were telling us, which devastated any hopes of something different for [my son]. Thank you so much for posting your info on the internet, Thank God for answered prayers that we found [Health-e-Solutions] this summer!” *

(* results may vary)

While most people still need some insulin when following the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle, albeit in much reduced amounts, it is true that some people are able to maintain great blood sugar control without requiring exogenous insulin.

We believe inulin is our friend – a great help in times of need. Our primary goal is not to get off insulin, although it has happened in some cases, but rather to make blood sugar control as easy and efficient as possible. The Health-e-Solutions lifestyle has done that for us while making us healthier at the same time.

After attending a workshop with us recently, this family added:

“We had a wonderful trip to Arizona!  It was very informational and it helped confirm that we are on the right track to better health. Thanks again for welcoming us into your home.  The demonstrations helped so much.  Since [our son] saw the kids in action, he is now even more into helping in the kitchen!” *

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