Innovative Device Hits European Market


HeS-News-Innovative Device Hits European MarketInnovative Device Hits European Market – Medtronic INC has announced in Europe the launch of MiniMed Duo, which is the world’s first two-in-one glucose sensor and insulin infusion set. It has a continuous glucose monitoring system (CGM) alongside the insulin pump. The integration is supposed to provide better glucose control, delivering small amounts of insulin around the clock while maintaining a close monitor on the glucose level. With better control of glucose, the risk of complications involved with diabetes decreases.

The continuous glucose monitoring system will benefit diabetic patients with real-time glucose values and alerts that warn you before the glucose levels spikes or dips too low. It also has an automatic insulin shut-off mechanism which protects the patients if they ever fell into a hypoglycemic state. Some benefits of this product may include the comfort of having only a small single device attached to the body instead of a separate CGM sensor and infusion set, a single-button insertion and automatic needle retraction designed for greater comfort, and improved adhesive pads to accommodate the physical movements on your body. Both the glucose sensor and the cannula used to deliver the insulin are placed in one insertion device for ease of insertion.

The device has to be changed every 3 days, which is an advantage for diabetic patients with adherence problems. According to studies done by the company, 95.8% of the people using MiniMed Duo rated the pain at the time of insertion at 0 or 1 out of 10.

This device was built for ease and comfort of diabetes patients. Real-time information about the patient’s glucose level will help improve management and control of their diabetes. The technology will be available in select countries the next few months but is not available in the U.S. at the present moment.

Health-e-Solutions Comment

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