Insulin Requirements Decreased 80 Percent

HeS-News-Success-Thank-You-Insulin Requirements Decreased 80 PercentHealth-e-Solutions comment:  We had a Skype consult with this man, his wife and his mother, who as type 1 diabetes. They have our workshop video course and recipe book as well. Mom was experiencing dangerous hypoglycemic (blood sugar too low) episodes, and too much time in hyperglycemia (blood sugar too high) as well.  Here is what the son has to say about their early success following #TheRomanDiet and the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle to help mom #MasterDiabetesNaturally. Her insulin requirements decreased 80 percent!

“Hello Dan,

“I wanted to give you a follow up on mom since our call. Going into the call she was taking 23 units of Lantus nightly and averaging 14-16 units of fast daily. She is fully onboard with the diet and making changes. She is now taking 5 units at night and 3-5 during the day. Things are going very [well]”

In short order, they have been able to reduce mom’s Lantus (long-acting insulin) and short-acting insulin, both to about 1/5th of what mom was taking before!

We say well done to this family! They are on the road to better living by keeping #InsulinDemand low and blood sugar better-controlled than was even possible before.

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