Recipe-e-books-Rays-Relearning“It Was Almost Relearning How to Cook”

Health-e-Solutions comment: Are you struggling to make lifestyle changes for better blood sugar control? That’s normal! But don’t give up. Listen to this successful family discuss their journey, how “It Was Almost Relearning How to Cook.” It is not often a straight road to success, but a worthy road to travel!

“It is very overwhelming at the beginning. We had a rule that siblings could get other things outside the house, but at home, we all ate the way our daughter did. She was 4. At the beginning we were totally alkaline and did a liquid diet. As numbers stabilized we began introducing organic meats and fruits slowly and tested a lot when doing so. That worked for her. She is so used to it now.

“Even her mainstream pediatrician says that she is eating the way we all should eat.

“It took 6 months to a year for it to become the normal. It was almost relearning how to cook. But, it does get better and becomes normal. [Our daughter] will be 7 in two months. I no longer stress or wonder what to cook. I guess I am saying that there is light at the end of the tunnel even if it doesn’t feel that way [in the beginning].

“Believe me, mac n cheese will be replaced by other favorite foods and we have found we put more emphasis on experiences rather than food. However, even with the holidays we have found alternatives that look just as cool and fun for the little ones. They will not miss the trick or treat candy and are happy to turn it into the giant jack-o-lantern who leaves a toy in its place the next morning.” *

(* results may vary)

There are great tips in this short message from a great family. The battle for success was hard-fought, but worth all the effort. Their daughter needs no insulin and is content with her lifestyle.

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