HeConnection-HeS-Lifestyle-Jedi Mind TrickJedi Mind Trick: Privilege versus Deprivation

I want to teach you a Jedi Mind Trick. Thinking back on our early days with the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle, I remember struggling with a being focused on the foods we could no longer enjoy. While I didn’t know it at the time, I now realize just how much a detriment that was to the successful transformation of our lifestyle, from sickness to health. I now call it the mindset of deprivation.

When my focus is on what I don’t get, a vicious cycle of negative reinforcement ensues. I long for what I cannot have and still be able to maintain optimal blood sugar control, so I enjoy even less the things I can have, which in turn makes me long even more for the very things that can create increased blood sugar management issues… and so the cycle goes… This cycle can have not only a detrimental impact on blood sugar control, but concomitantly on health as well.

Sally and I discovered a simple Jedi mind trick that anybody can use. I call it the mindset of privilege. When you realize just how fortunate you are to have the opportunity to transform your lifestyle by focusing on healthy foods, improving your environment by minimizing toxic exposure, becoming more fit with better exercise, and improving sleep quality and stress management, you begin to realize that your outlook has great impact on long term sustainability of lifestyle changes. It does even more than that.

Attitudes impact not only actions, but metabolism and health too!

It really is as simple as waving your hand and changing your mind, mood and focus to think from a place of privilege instead of deprivation. So the next time you catch yourself feeling deprived, wave your hand like the Jedi knights do and tell yourself,

“I am not deprived; I have a great privilege to eat, live, pray, love and play more healthily. I am truly blessed!”

Plan for success by preparing your mind.H-e-S-Targeting-Success-Jedi Mind Trick

Planning and preparation makes this lifestyle #PracticalLivableSustainable. Being purposeful & organized helps you persevere and #MasterDiabetes when motivation runs low. The old saying is true, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”  Our downloadable, printable e-publication, “Targeting Success” provides you with resources to target long term success following the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle. We don’t think it is in your best interest to achieve short term success if it cannot be sustained. To that end we have compiled and created this set of reports into one e-book to help you plan, prepare, organize and succeed in transforming your lifestyle for improved #BloodSugarControl and better living. This is an essential resource for your long term success. You will not regret learning the valuable tips and strategies found here.