HeConnection-Diabetic-Alkaline-Lifestyle natural practical livable sustainableThe note below was sent to us by someone who recently found our web site and is ready to start making adjustments to their lifestyle. She recognizes it will be a big adjustment, but is willing to make it for the sake of her family’s long term health and better blood sugar control for her daughter with type 1 diabetes. We hope it encourages you to Jump in as well.

“I was so pleased to get a personal email from you that I felt at once I needed to respond.  I feel deeply that you have information that I need! A fellow essential oils user whom I met online said she had found your website.  I immediately began to dive into your information and feel it exactly what we need to try!  I know this will benefit my husband as well…  I have a LOT to learn and a lot I am juggling right now.  But I am jumping into this diet with [my type 1 diabetic daughter] and hoping I can make the transition easy for her and my family.  Thankfully we already eat rather healthy and may not shock us as much as it may have several years ago.  But it is going to be a very big adjustment for us.

“I have a million questions and am still reading up on everything you have on your site.  It is so VALUABLE – thank you so very much for organizing all of this and for your service to those of us who desperately need answers!”