HeS-NewsWe spoke at the Insulin Intensive Seminar in Portland, Oregon led by Dr. Mona Morstein.  Interacting with the Naturopathic doctors at the seminar was wonderful and very encouraging.  They get it!  I was impressed by their focus on treating the whole patient. Realizing the vital role that nutrition plays in obtaining optimal health, these Naturopathic Doctors (ND) asked many pertinent questions. We were delighted to share our story with them.

We have been pleased to be able to go to one doctor that can treat Type 1 Diabetes for Gabriel and Nathan.  Knowing that our family doctor is fully aware of all of the facets of their care is very reassuring.  If something comes up, then we don’t need to go through several doctors to get an answer. Under the care of our Naturopathic doctor, we believe they are receiving superb, comprehensive care.  Kudos to you Naturopathic doctors!