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Are you living the dream of a better life with well-managed blood sugars and lower insulin requirements? We hope so! If not, the following messages reflect the encouraging results people are seeing by adopting the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle using our recipe e-books and home study course:

A.F. writes:

“We are loving the first recipe book… it has done wonders for us and our A1c levels are in check… Doctor approved! Can’t wait for the next one” *

K.R. writes:

“My 11 year old type 1 diabetic daughter has numbers 70-90 all day with #TheRomanDiet. My type 1 diabetic son is on Lantus only – he was dropping too low with Novolog.” *

S.C writes:

“Last night we had the Roman kale antipasto salad with almond bread topped with a generous amount of avocado. Yum! I LOVE this salad and everyone I have served it to loves it! Their eggplant “Parmesan” is a huge favorite in our house; served with large green salad and almond bread. Their Brussells sprouts are amazing. Artichoke pesto is always in our fridge to dip veggies in or to top on almond bread.

“I could go on and on with recipes we love. The mashed cauliflower is very satisfying and delicious. And the tomato cauliflower soup is so good. We also keep almond fudge in our freezer at all times for a snack or to add protein to any meal. And yes… always served with salad and raw veggies.”

C.H writes:

“Our endocrinologist told us that if all their patients did what we are doing, they would be out of a job.” *

(* results may vary)

We love hearing these testimonials to the power of food to transform the lives of people affected by diabetes. We’d love to hear your story too! Please post your comments below and let us know how you are doing.

Recipe-e-books-Rays-DreamKey to successful implementation of the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle is having great-tasting recipes the whole family can enjoy. To that end, we have created several recipe e-books from which to choose the options that best fit your needs. All of our immediately-downloadable recipe e-book options are specially designed for people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes who want to make a healthier diet a priority. Both of our type 1 diabetic boys and our whole family enjoy these delicious #VeryLowGlycemic, low #InsulinDemand recipes with great #BloodSugarControl.