Lots of Meds, No Lifestyle ChangeLots of Meds, No Lifestyle Change

We received this wonderful note from a family in Riverside, CA.

“My precious 13 year old daughter was diagnosed with type 1 January 9 of this year [2102]. It was one of those nights that I was up till wee hours in the morning looking for some truths on the internet, that’s when I found a gem (your site).

“I thought I would add a little more insight into just how amazing this diet has been for us.  My daughter went into the doctor’s office with a blood sugar of 540 on [the day of her diagnosis]… it turned into a three hour visit.  Most families that I have talked to were admitted in the hospital but that was not the case with us. We were sent home with lots of meds and no information on lifestyle change.  What worried me the most was the dramatic swings in blood sugar the highs and lows, something was wrong.  We met with the dietitian and things just were not making sense with the carb to insulin ratio.  As of today my daughter is on 4 units of Lantus a day….no rapid acting humolog.

“Thank you for trudging the road before us.” *

(* results may vary)

We are so thankful to hear encouraging words from people who have found the information on our web site helpful in their quest for more stable blood glucose control and better living. While results vary with each person, all seem to find at least some benefit from the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle. To some people this is radical; to others innovative, to us it is just healthy food, exercise, adequate sleep and stress reduction.

House-of-Health-Roof-Lots of Meds, No Lifestyle ChangeUntil #CuringType1Diabetes is a reality within our reach, put your body in a position of strength to #MasterDiabetes the healthiest way possible. Lifestyle innovations as a priority over drug therapies may be the solution. Poor health feeds poor health in a vicious cycle, or negative feedback loop that is increasingly difficult to break the longer it continues. Promoting, supporting and creating health set in motion a positive feedback loop instead. Get tools and solutions to help minimize consequences and maximize benefits for nutrition, environment, exercise, sleep and stress management. These five health components make up the five pillars of health and nutrition in the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle. We’ll teach you how to improve each of these areas to help you Master Diabetes in the healthiest way possible.