Madeline’s Story: Low and Steady after Struggling for 35 Years!

HeConnection-HeS-Lifestyle-Low and SteadyIt is never too late to learn about better #BloodSugarControl. No matter how long you have been living with diabetes, there is still hope for improving your diabetes management!

Listen to Madeline from Oregon, who has wrestled with type 1 diabetes for 35 years as she tells of her success with our Home Study Course and Health-e-Solutions recipes.

“I have been so surprised at how low (70’s) and steady my blood sugars have been after struggling with them constantly for 35 years. And when they are low I don’t feel shaky as when they were low from too much insulin. It makes me so mad that they just gave me insulin and told me to eat whatever.

“One thing I’ve noticed more recently is that my sugars stay lower longer and even at night they don’t jump up (dawn effect).  I may have to lower my basal rate again eventually.  Also I don’t get that desperate, shakiness when they are in the 70’s…  I used to panic when they were that low.  Used to be, seeing a sugar of 120 was comforting.  Now that’s not a good place either, though it is certainly a better high than 200.

“When I became a type 1 diabetic 35 years ago I continued my old style of eating.  However, that was mostly vegetables, I was almost a vegetarian. So I ate mostly vegetables all those years.  I still ate higher carb veggies though, not knowing that was such a problem.  Still I think it must have done some good because I am not suffering any side effects even after having it for so long.  We’ll see where this leads and I’ll keep you informed, especially the day I hope will arrive when I don’t need to use insulin.

“I feel so much better and my blood sugars are steady and you can’t imagine what a relief that is.”

Thank you for your great work, and God Bless.

Madeline *

(* results may vary)

Low and steady is what we love to hear! The science tells us that the closer to normal blood sugar control we can maintain, the better for long term health and a complication-free future. But equally important, you just plain feel better!

We hope, along with Madeline, that the day will arrive when she won’t need to use insulin any more. We like to dream big for inspiration to improve our health. Who knows where hope and effort may take us? Our outlook on life is vital to improving our health!

We’d like to see you have success. Contact us today to schedule a consult. Or purchase our video workshop course and get on the road today toward better health, and to #ControlBloodSugarNaturally. People who have followed our natural, healthy lifestyle solutions have:

  • HeS-Contact Us-Low and SteadyDecreased their HbA1c percentage
  • Reduced or eliminated insulin requirements,
  • Reversed symptoms and complications
  • Improved insulin sensitivity
  • Improved fasting and post-prandial blood glucose levels
  • Increased c-peptide secretion and insulin production
  • Decreased or eliminated insulin antibodies
  • Normalized their weight

With our #FrameworkOfHOPE, we help you establish a lifestyle foundation that may stop or reverse disease progression and complications naturally, and reduce #InsulinDemand and other medication requirements. Get off the roller coaster of high and low blood sugars, and get on the rolling plains of normal, control.