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We had a person contact us recently who provided us motivation for why we do what we do. We are thrilled when our story can help others improve their lives and benefit them with better blood sugar management. Here is what this person said:

“Listening to your talk radio interview.  Wow, someone who knows and understands!  I’ve had diabetes since 1980.  Not much guidance in it.

“In 2001 had really bad systemic yeast and became so ill I almost died from everything internally being so messed up and doctors not knowing what was wrong or what to do. I turned mostly to Natural Path Nutrition and have gone as natural as I know how and have gotten better but not great.  I take a lot of supplements and spend a lot of money just to try to live. So I still struggle a lot with my health and depression and struggling with really not caring sometimes anymore. But I found Dr Bernstein’s book and am starting to read that.  Then I decided to look up online “how to make diabetes livable” and found your site.

“I am starting to read stuff from your site and listening to your interview. This does sound awesome.”

It is our desire that we can encourage this person and many others to take a more natural, alternative, innovative road less traveled for health and blood sugar control. It may lead to better living and improved management of diabetes and other lifestyle-associated health issues.

#PracticalLivableSustainable must be part of the vocabulary of any lifestyle that is to be successful long term. We believe the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle is all of that. We are well over 4 years into this lifestyle now. It has become our natural way of living. We know it can be done and we are encouraged by thinking of the long-term potential health benefits, as well as the benefits we see right now: there is still no need for exogenous insulin injections for our two type 1 diabetic boys. A1Cs usually below 5.0; blood sugars so stable that we only check them when they are sick, trying a new food, or going through a growth period.