Making Lemonade out of Diabetes LemonsMaking Lemonade

How precious is this inspirational comment from the co-creator of Leaf & Love Organic Lemonade, sweetened with pure stevia! Thank you for your encouragement, Sara. It helps us persevere in our efforts to help others. A heartfelt thank you and love to your family as we encourage thers into Making Lemonade out of Diabetes Lemons.

“Dan and Sally Roman have influenced me and my family in so many ways. When our daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes two years ago at age three, we were heartbroken, lost and had no plan of action. When the doctors told us that our daughter could eat “anything she wanted” and to cover it with insulin, I knew that was not the path for us. In fact, our daughter had eaten a very healthy diet prior to her diagnosis, so I wasn’t about to load Oreo cookies on top just because we “could.” Meeting with the Romans and learning from them was pivotal in our education about how to manage Type 1 diabetes. The Romans gave us a roadmap for how to navigate this very tricky and relentless disease.

“Not only have Dan and Sally given us a wealth of knowledge about managing T1D, they have inspired me to literally take our diabetes lemons and make lemonade. I saw how they took Type 1 diabetes and made something positive out of it. So I decided to do the same. About a year after our daughter was diagnosed, one of my best friends and I started Leaf & Love Organic Lemonade. If it weren’t for Dan and Sally, I truly don’t know that I would have ever attempted to start my own company. Not only that, Dan and Sally make the best homemade stevia sweetened lemonade I have ever had!

“Thank you, Dan and Sally, for all you do!!” *

(* results may vary)

Health-e-Solutions comment: No, thank YOU Sara! You are an inspiration to us! Seeing our challenges with diabetes as opportunities is so important to health and successful management of diabetes. We tend to limit health Health-e-Solutions-Outlook-Triangle-Making Lemonadeto nutritional, metabolic and exercise factors. Collectively, we haven’t quite made the connection that health is also given by who we are, how we think, what we feel and believe, how we conduct ourselves in the world. Mental, emotional, physical, social and spiritual factors, what we call our outlook on life, all play a tremendous role in developing the healthiest lifestyle for optimal blood sugar control and long term success. Health is not just about what we do (diet, exercise, etc.), it’s also about who we are at the deepest place of our being. This 113-page downloadable, printable special report on Improving Your Outlook is an essential resource for your long term success. It is often overlooked, but we have found that a person’s outlook on life greatly impacts their health, and health can greatly impact a person’s outlook.