Merry Christmas Tis Type 1 Diabetes Season


Health-e-Solutions Merry Christmas Tis Type 1 Diabetes SeasonMerry Christmas Tis Type 1 Diabetes Season – Dr Elena Moltchanova and her colleagues at the National Institute for Health and Welfare, Dept of Chronic Disease Prevention, Diabetes Prevention Unit, Helsinki, Finland found that the seasonality of the incidence of Type 1 diabetes mellitus in children under 15 years of age is a real phenomenon, and that it appears to be dependent on the geographical position, at least as far as the northern/southern hemisphere dichotomy is concerned. The further away from the equator, the greater the prevalence of the seasonal phenomenon.

Peak season in the northern hemisphere was from October to January and the low season was from June to August. Centers with significant seasonality in the southern hemisphere demonstrated a different pattern with a peak in July to September and a trough in January to March.

The study confirms the findings of other smaller studies, that there is a global pattern of seasonality with type 1 diabetes. Cases tend to peak in the winter months and trough in the summer months in both the southern and the northern hemispheres.

The researchers make several suggestions explaining a seasonal variation for type 1 diabetes, including children getting more exercise in the summer, more infections in the winter and seasonal variations in their levels of blood glucose. However, none of these fully explains the differences.

We are in the middle of peak type 1 diabetes season

We believe both of our boys reached the “tipping point” to cascade into type 1 diabetes from a virus they had over the Christmas Holiday. It is certainly possible that less healthy eating habits associated with all the holiday “goodies” could have contributed to their reaction to the virus by elevating blood glucose levels and encumbering the immune system.

We encourage you to eat healthy this holiday season. Help your family by putting them in a position of strength with their health to fight off any environmental factors that may cause the onset of type 1 diabetes.

For those of us with pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes, it behooves us to eat healthy all the time! The data regarding the connection between diet, lifestyle and type 2 diabetes is strong.

Let’s all have a merry, but healthy holiday season this year!

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Journal Reference: Moltchanova EV, Schreier N, Lammi N, Karvonen M. Seasonal variation of diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes mellitus in children worldwide. Diabet Med. 2009 Jul;26(7):673-8. doi: 10.1111/j.1464-5491.2009.02743.x.