HeConnection-Health-e-TipsAlthough we don’t discuss it much, the affects of stress seem to play a role in disease states.  We know of two Type 1 diabetics who were told that an extremely stressful situation was possibly the precipitating factor of their illness.  We realize that there were most probably many other factors, but the stress seemed to be the tipping point.  While we may not be in crisis as discussed in these cases, we think it is profitable to evaluate our daily routines and possible stress levels.

  • Are our daily lives crammed with activities, and are we “on the run” most of the time?
  • Do we have time to relax and enjoy each other’s company?
  • Are our children getting proper sleep?
  • Are their sleeping hours at regular times?
  • How is their schoolwork and interactions at school affecting them?
  • Do we have a relaxed, enjoyable mealtime?
  • Are our children worried about anything?
  • Is their conflict in the home? (for example: marital, sibling or any outstanding unresolved conflict)

We believe it is valuable to assess these areas in our lives. By purposely trying to promote a peaceful, orderly, and enjoyable lifestyle, we may be providing a better environment to benefit in restoring our children’s health.

Everything you do can be done better from a place of relaxation
– Stephen C. Paul