HeConnection-Diabetic-Alkaline-Lifestyle natural practical livable sustainableIs there anything I can do for my child?

That was the cry of my heart as I began searching for a natural cure for type 1 diabetes. Now, years later, I look back with amazement and thankfulness.

Gabriel, our youngest of six children, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in January of 2008. Although his symptoms began appearing in December the month before, we had no idea these warning signs would lead to such a devastating diagnosis. This life-altering experience spurred me on to spend every spare moment in research for some hope for my precious child.

Inspired by the positive results we implemented in Gabriel’s healthcare, my husband, Dan, left his job of eighteen years. He dedicated his full-time efforts toward further type 1 diabetes research and helping other type 1 diabetics around the world by founding HealtheSolutions.

We want to find the healthiest way in the world to manage and, hopefully, cure Type 1 Diabetes. Now, almost 5 years later, Gabriel and his brother, Nathan are still insulin-free, negative for all antibodies, have a great A1c results (they tied at 5.0 on their last one), and are thriving.  Gabriel and Nathan provide hope for other type 1 diabetics all over the world. We love to share our story of hope with others!