Natural Sweetener Erythritol Potential Antioxidant

Natural Sweetener Erythritol Potential Antioxidant – The natural sweetener erythritol does noHeConnection-Food Facts-Natural Sweetener Erythritol Potential Antioxidantt appear to carry the adverse effects associated with other low and non-caloric natural and artificial sweeteners and may actually have antioxidant potential.

This too-good-to-be-true, tooth friendly sweetener should be considered your third best sweetener option for the Roman Diet and Health-e-Solutions lifestyle. But don’t overdo it. Sweetening foods is safest and best when kept in moderation. It is far better to enjoy whole, fresh foods with the sweetness they contain naturally.

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With increasing reports of health consequences resulting from consuming artificial sweeteners, and too H-e-S- HFR- Sweet Alternativesmuch sugar and fructose, most people looking for a sugar substitute have been left wanting. In our special report called, Sweet Alternatives – Replacing Sugar, Fructose and Artificial Sweeteners, we identify several delicious natural sugar substitutes, suitable for people with diabetes, that can take the place of any other sweetener – even in baking – and one surprise that makes them all taste even better.

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