New Type 1 Diabetes Blood Test Approved


HeS-News-Alert-New Type 1 Diabetes Blood Test ApprovedNew Type 1 Diabetes Blood Test Approved – The FDA has allowed marketing of the first zinc transporter 8 autoantibody (ZnT8Ab) test which can help determine whether a person has type 1 diabetes. When used with other tests and patient clinical information, the test may help some people with type 1 diabetes receive a timely diagnosis and treatment for their disease.

The immune systems of many people with type 1 diabetes produce ZnT8Ab, but patients with other types of diabetes (type 2 and gestational) do not. The agency reviewed data from a clinical study of 569 blood samples — 323 from patients with diagnosed type 1 diabetes and 246 samples from patients diagnosed with other kinds of diabetes, other autoimmune diseases, and other clinical conditions.

The test was able to detect the ZnT8 autoantibody in 65% of the samples from patients with diagnosed type 1 diabetes and incorrectly gave a positive result in less than 2% of the samples from patients diagnosed with other diseases. The assay is manufactured by KRONUS Market Development Associates, Inc. in Star, Idaho.

Health-e-Solutions Comment

This Tests for antibodies to zinc transporter ZnT8, a beta cell specific protein associated with the mechanism of insulin release. It is reported to be a better predictor of the development of type 1 diabetes than any other antibody currently known. ZnT8Ab levels decline rapidly during the initial year of disease and are associated with younger age & a high GAD antibody titer. GAD antibodies are present in everyone, with or without diabetes, and a “positive” test means they are higher or lower, depending on an arbitrary cutoff point that is not consistent among studies.

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