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  • Top Ten Mistakes Diabetics Make with Food IS YOUR DIET KILLING YOU? Whether you have Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, we equip you with the Top Ten Mistakes to make well-informed decisions for health.
  • Special Report: Alkalizing Your Body for Better Metabolic Balance An impressive balancing act that occurs in the body is the creation of acid by metabolic processes, countered by the neutralization of acid by alkaline buffers. You can impact your long term health, by changing your diet and lifestyle.
  • What are Normal Blood Sugars? What are Antibody Tests? Please tell me what the numbers are for normal BS levels in your country. In Canada we use a different scale and would like to compare the two. I am also curious to know about the antibody tests that seem to be standard practice down there and not in Canada.
  • Natural Remedies for the Dawn Phenomenon If you check your blood sugar first thing in the morning after fasting all night and it is significantly higher than when you went to bed, you are probably experiencing what is known as the “dawn phenomenon.” This is also known as the “dawn effect” and it is one of the most difficult challenges diabetics ...
  • Defining a Practical Cure for Type 1 Diabetes Many people have asked us why we do not use the “cure” word with our two boys. We have always been reluctant to use this term because it can mean different things to each individual. In fact, it means different things to healthcare professionals and organizations too!
  • The Cow-Milk Type 1 Diabetes Connection The evidence incriminating cow-milk consumption in the cause of type 1 diabetes is sufficient to cause the American Academy of Pediatrics to issue this warning, “Early exposure of infants to cow’s milk protein may be an important factor in the initiation of the beta cell destructive process in some individuals.”
  • The Doctor Is In: The Dawn Phenomenon There are several biochemical reasons why the dawn phenomenon occurs. I’ll discuss those and then give a couple of ideas of how to weaken the dawn phenomenon
  • Evidence an Alkaline Diet Benefits Health Studies suggest that an Alkaline Diet Benefits Health, and reduces the incidence and mortality of chronic disease. We could not agree more!
  • Charity-Commercial Enterprise Partnering – Curing T1D Myth The JDCA believes the notion that Charity-Commercial Enterprise Partnering leading to a cure is a myth. They could be correct, if history is guide.
  • Wheat Belly: The Evils of Wheat In Wheat Belly, Dr William Davis exposes the harmful effects of a product of genetic tinkering & agribusiness being sold to the American public as “wheat.”
  • Why Equal A1c Results can be Very Different The A1c has been considered the clinical standard for determining overall glycemic control. However, A1C does not expose day-to-day and intra-day blood glucose (BG) fluctuations. This reveals that HbA1c results by themselves can be misleading
  • Interview with Dan and Sally Roman Recently, Sysy Morales conducted an Interview with Dan and Sally Roman, asking tough questions, but graciously provided us the opportunity to answer them.
  • Autoimmunity Root Causes, Natural Ways to Prevent & Reverse Them With type one diabetes It is great and necessary to focus on managing symptoms. However, we believe it is also important to address root causes of autoimmune disease and eliminate what caused insult to the body’s delicate but resilient balance.
  • Ketogenic Diet, Type 1 Diabetes Remission In some cases of type 1 diabetes, the immune system only partially destroys beta cells. These people may regain their ability to produce insulin and later go into remission. The ketogenic diet looks particularly promising as a way to control blood sugar levels, hence also the condition itself, in these cases.
  • Viruses Teach Prevention of Type 1 Diabetes we will take a journey from basic pathogenetic mechanisms elicited by viral infections that play a role in the development of type 1 diabetes to clinical interventions, where we will discuss novel combination therapies.
  • Blood Glucose Excursions Dr Rosedale writes: All sugars, and foods that convert into sugar will have a detrimental effect. Therefore the fewer non-fiber carbohydrates a person eats, the better. The difference should be made up by consuming more beneficial fats & oils.
  • Omega-3 Halves Type 1 Diabetes Risk A diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids cuts in half kids’ risk of developing type I diabetes, according to JAMA study. “This is the first study to show exciting evidence that it may be feasible to have a nutritional intervention against the disease.”
  • Optimal Health Excludes “Safe Starches” This is a long article, that discusses the benefits of a ketone-producing diet and the dangers of most types of carbohydrates, including “safe starches.”
  • C-Peptide Test: What it is, Does, Means Initially, the sole interest in C-peptide test was as a marker of insulin secretion and has as such been of great value in furthering the understanding of the pathophysiology of type 1 and type 2 diabetes. During the past decade, however, C-peptide has been found to be a bioactive peptide in its own right, with ...
  • Why Does a Salad Cost More Than a Big Mac? Why Does a Salad Cost More Than a Big Mac? Congress chooses to subsidize foods that we’re supposed to eat less of. It’s a fairly striking pattern.
  • Dietary Fat: Best Diabetes Energy Source More than 30 years ago, doctors decided that a low-fat diet was the best way to combat diabetes, weight loss, and heart disease. Unfortunately, this advice was all wrong.
  • Can Diet, Lifestyle Manage Type 1 Diabetes? The following is an article we wrote and had published in Vitality Magazine June, 2012 issue under the title: Success Story: Diabetes – How One Family Used Nutrition to Conquer Type 1 Diabetes
  • Is Fructose Safe? Everyone knows that fructose is the sugar found in fruit. And if it’s found in fruit it must be safe, right? Wrong. This misconception is being perpetrated by the food industry and we are falling for it.
  • Epigenetics: Everything You Need to Know Epigenetics is an emerging scientific field. Research focuses on the chemical changes that affect gene expression but do not alter the base sequence of DNA. Be sure to watch the YouTube video below, which helps explain epigenetics. Then read this great article
  • Fats Oils Made Simple Fats Oils Made Simple: The Roman Diet pays close attention to fats and oils. They are a significant portion of caloric intake to help control blood sugars.
  • The Truth About Vitamins in Nutritional Supplements This article is well researched and will make you think twice about choosing and using vitamins instead of getting them from whole foods. When people ask us which supplements we use we always say “focus on the food.” This article reveals some of the reasons why. Die and lifestyle changes will make the biggest difference ...
  • Protein Takes Time, Energy, Effort to Digest You may wonder why it takes longer to digest protein than fats or carbohydrates. Dr Pierre Dukan, author of the book, The Dukan Diet explains,
  • Is Dietary Carbohydrate Essential Human Nutrition? Is Dietary Carbohydrate Essential Human Nutrition? “I was surprised to find little evidence that exogenous carbohydrate is needed for human function.”
  • Type 1 Diabetes Triggers, Drivers, Modifying Factors The hypothesis for the pathogenic development of type 1 diabetes makes distinctions between triggers, drivers and modifying factors, all involved in T1D development along with genetic susceptibility.
  • Helping the Bloated Gut Short of genetic typing, eliminating triggers and drivers associated with an autoimmune disease, is the second best option: helping the bloated gut.
  • Health, Disease Begin in the Gut We suspect that the starting place for many autoimmune diseases, including type 1 diabetes is in the gut. This is an interesting article supporting the roll of food and lifestyle in the creation of health and wellness.
  • Whole Foods or Supplements This excellent article discusses the importance of placing a priority on healthy, whole foods over supplements. It describes the benefits of complexity in whole foods and the potentially detrimental effects associated with the simplicity of supplements.
  • Salt: Good, Bad, Mistaken We use a lot of salt. Even though it is RealSalt that comes from the salt beds of the Great Salt Lake, which is the “good” kind, it may be too much. As this article explains, moderation is the key, along with a little poatssium.
  • MODY or LADA The main difference between Maturity Onset Diabetes of the Young (MODY) and Latent Autoimmune Diabetes of Adults (LADA)
  • Fats – Cholesterol: The Bad, The Good Fat is a great addition to a healthy diet, provided it is the right kind. This excellent article on fats is a great way to become informed as to which fats to avoid, and which fats to embrace.
  • Beta Cell Preservation, Replication, Regeneration While it has long been held that type 2 diabetes is primarily caused by impaired insulin action, there is now increasing evidence linking both types of diabetes to defects in beta cell mass and insulin secretion.
  • Diabetes: Preventable, Reversible Entirely The title of this article may sound like heresy to those who have been schooled to believe that when diabetes “happens” to you, it is with you for life.
  • Type 1 Diabetes Honeymoon Extended The following article on type 1 diabetes offers advice on how to accept the end of a honeymoon period. We think the advice is very good. However, we would disagree with the comment that it is inevitable… that it IS going to happen.
  • Rapid-Acting Insulin Timing This article written by Hope Warshaw, MMSc, RD, CDE, BC-ADM, may help you achieve improved post-prandial glucose control. It is clear that Blood glucose control is paramount to long term health and avoidance of complications.
  • Digestion Supports Health One system that is particularly responsible for overall wellbeing is your digestive system – a strong, yet delicate ecosystem that controls the presence of harmful invaders and maintains digestive and overall health.
  • Optimal Longevity Hinges on Telomeres Lise Alschuler, ND, provides “eloquent evidence of how whole person, lifestyle-based health optimization powerfully translates into healthy longevity” through its telomere-lengthening capacity.
  • The Diabetes Echo Effect This article by Jon Barron provides a unique word picture for the pathogenesis of type 2 diabetes: an amplifying system of “echos” from the initial “sound” of insulin resistance.
  • Giving Makes Living Worthwhile Giving Makes Living Worthwhile – “You make a living by what you earn; you make a life by what you give.” – Winston Churchill. Give to Live a healthier life.
  • Inescapable Toxins As the Canadian study discussed in this article by Jon Barron makes clear, exposure to toxins has become inescapable. Now more than ever we must recognize that regular and continual detoxing has become a mandatory health protocol for everyone
  • Autoimmune Disease Environmental Factors This excellent survey of the current state of assessing environmental factors as a contributor to the development of autoimmune diseases such as type 1 diabetes helps identify the challenges to designing studies that can prove associations or cause and effect.
  • Probiotics 101 Avoiding Hype Probiotics 101 Avoiding Hype. Many foods claim to add probiotics. Unfortunately, quite a few of these foods containing probiotics don’t deliver the goods.
  • Understanding Medicare Medicaid Diabetes Coverage This primer on Understanding Medicare Medicaid Diabetes Coverage may help you understand the overall picture of the parts of the US public payor system.
  • Rethinking “Normal” Blood Sugar Levels There is new evidence that should make even those of us in the “normal” blood glucose range be a little more careful. It is time for Rethinking “Normal” Blood Sugar Levels
  • Is Modern Medicine Founded on Error? The small group of alternative medical practitioners and scientists who hold to the Béchamp theory have valid points that Pasteur’s germ theory cannot answer fully. Perhaps there is a middle ground upon which both camps can stand?
  • Raising Healthy Eaters We think finding ways to make growing, preparing, cooking, serving and eating food fun can make a big difference in a child’s life and food choices.
  • Favorable Ketogenic Diet Arguments Favorable ketogenic diet arguments informs about the health benefits and safety of ketogenic diets. #TheRomanDiet has been great for blood sugar control.
  • Whole Grain Health Assault: Gluten for Punishment Among thoughtful and informed medical providers and public alike, there is an ongoing transition toward recognizing adverse health effects from grains as being common and normal rather than rare and abnormal.
  • Soy Controversy There is a soy controversy. The versatile soybean, a common allergen, is in everything from soup to nuts. Is that good for us? Let’s look at the facts.
  • Genes Load Gun, Environment Pulls Trigger Genetic predisposition is only a part of what creates most diseases today. It is usually not the largest part. Genes Load Gun, Environment Pulls Trigger.
  • Gluten Intolerance Drives Neurological, Autoimmune, Digestion Gluten intolerance is not a “new” problem, it was recognized back in ancient Greece. Today, Gluten Intolerance Drives Neurological, Autoimmune, Digestion.
  • Addictive Junk Food Extraordinary Science Addictive Junk Food Extraordinary Science: A line of Cars discharged 11 men who controlled America’s largest food companies at the Pillsbury headquarters.
  • Innate Immunity Connects Type 1 Type 2 Diabetes The efficacy of innate immunity targeted therapeutic approaches (like diet) reiterates the continued role of innate immunity in type 1 and type 2 diabetes.
  • Give Yourself a Natural Energy Boost Give Yourself a Natural Energy Boost. in the absence of an underlying health condition, there are simple strategies to ensure you’ve got energy when you need it.
  • Ketogenic Diet Success with Type 1 Diabetes This doctor has had ketogenic diet success with type 1 diabetes, cancer, other autoimmune diseases and epilepsy for more than five years. Case study below.
  • Are Plant MicroRNAs The Future Of Healing With Food? Are Plant MicroRNAs The Future Of Healing With Food?
  • Ongoing Insulin Freedom for Type 1 Diabetic Child This case study resulting in ongoing insulin freedom for a type 1 diabetic child was not performed using #TheRomanDiet, but there are many similarities.
  • Phthalates Likely Cause Diabetes and Obesity – They’re Everywhere! Increasing research suggests that phthalates likely cause diabetes and obesity. This article elucidates the connection between phthalates and diabetes.
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