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The Audio content provided here can help you understand the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle and encourage you to implement it in your own life and the lives of your loved ones. Type one, Type two, LADA, MODY – no matter what type of diabetes or autoimmune disease you have, we believe lifestyle change can have a great impact on disease progression and your well-being. While we make no claims of curing type 1 diabetes, we do believe our boys with type 1 diabetes are able to lead a cure-like lifestyle because of the awesome control they have experienced.

HealtheSolutions Audio-Video-Course-Medley-OptionsYou can purchase our Audio-Video Course, which not only comes with recipe and course e-books, it can also include audio and video components. This course will teach you the #PracticalLivableSustainable application of the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle to help you achieve better #BloodSugarControl, possibly even resulting in an insulin-free lifestyle. It also puts your body in a position of strength for sustaining health, and to #MasterDiabetesNaturally with #VeryLowGlycemic, #LowInsulinDemand recipes.

The #TypicalWesternLifestyle is killing us. We need to change. We can help.

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We have literally thousands of helpful articles in our newsletter archive. You will find a wide variety of articles supporting the methodology of the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle, as well as inspiring quotes, practical tips to support your new lifestyle, success stories from other people who are travelling this road for thriving health, and plenty of articles and research to explain why you can achieve awesome #BloodSugarControl naturally. Not only have our two boys with type 1 diabetes benefited from the changes we have made, but our whole family enjoys improved health and cessation of symptoms of other chronic conditions.

Free Audio

  • Podcast Interview Dan and Sally Roman Podcast Interview Dan and Sally Roman – There is much you can do to help your children, and yourself, THRIVE in the face of any diagnosis that may come.
  • Check Out Our Radio Interview with the Thrive Doctors We were interviewed by the Thrive doctors. We talk about the four principles in our framework of HOPE for optimal blood sugar control and better health.
  • Curcumin: A Research Overview (Audio Interview) jay Goel, PhD, director of epigenetics and cancer prevention at Baylor Research Institute, describes his research regarding curcumin and cancer, as well as his recent study
  • Ron Rosedale – Neurodegenerative Disease, Hormones and Diet Dr Ron Rosedale is an internationally known expert in nutritional and metabolic medicine. Very few physicians have had such consistent success in helping diabetics to eliminate or reduce their need for insulin.
  • Talk Radio Interview with Dan & Sally Roman Dan & sally Roman were guest speakers on Men’s Health Talk, a talk radio program that covers many different health issues. Listen in as they discuss Gabriel’s and Nathan’s stories, the diabetic alkaline lifestyle and the stories of others they have helped achieve success similar to theirs.
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