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HeS-Free-Media-Diabetes-Mastered-150x150We have created and selected articles and other free media we think can be helpful to you to learn about and implement #PracticalLivableSustainable lifestyle changes to master all types of diabetes (Type 1, Type 2, MODY, LADA, pre-diabetes, metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance and more). We believe knowledge can empower you to achieve better long term success and enhance your commitment to sustain lifestyle changes for better health. We hope you discover the value and benefits of the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle. We are here to assist you with its practical application in a busy world.

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Articles – In our efforts to educate, inform and inspire you, we provide articles and reports we believe will be beneficial to you to learn about and implement the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle in a #PracticalLivableSustainable way.

Audio – We want to help you understand the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle and encourage you to implement it in your own life and the lives of your loved ones. To that end, we share with you audio for better understanding of diabetes and how diet and lifestyle change can help you #MasterDiabetes.

HeS News – Come here often and check out the latest HeS news and personal success stories. We will keep you informed about the latest news pertaining to Health-e-Solutions and stories we find interesting.

Recipes – Yes! We can all use some encouragement in the kitchen once in a while. The Health-e-Solutions lifestyle is often challenging in the kitchen, but always rewarding. We hope you find recipes here helpful in your journey of discovery on the road to better health. These recipes are low on the glycemic index, low in insulin demand and high in nutritional value. For entire recipe e-Books filled with great tasting recipes with little impact on blood sugars, see our recipe e-Books in our products section

Video – Whether it is to laugh, cry, learn, or be inspired about diabetes or other autoimmune diseases, we may have something for you here. We have learned much from our two boys with type one diabetes. What we have learned, we hope to impart to you as well to ghelp you find a #PracticalLivableSustainable way to @MasterDiabetesNaturally.

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