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Watch and listen to our Video content. Whether it is to laugh, cry, learn, or be inspired about mastering diabetes or other autoimmune diseases, we have something for you here. We have learned much from our two boys with type one diabetes. What we have learned, we hope to impart to you as well. We think there is much more that can be done to #ControlDiabetesNaturally then you may have been led to believe. We believe lifestyle change should be top priority.

Home-Study-Course-Video-AudioYou can purchase our Audio-Video Course, which not only comes with recipe and course e-books, it can also include audio and video components. This course will teach you the practical application of the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle to help you achieve the best #BloodSugarControlNaturally, possibly even resulting in an insulin-free lifestyle. It also helps put your body in a position of strength for sustaining health.

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We have literally thousands of helpful articles in our newsletter archive. You will find a wide variety of articles supporting the methodology of the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle, as well as inspiring quotes, practical tips to support your new lifestyle, success stories from other people who are travelling this road for thriving health, and plenty of articles and research to explain why you can achieve awesome #BloodSugarControl naturally. Not only have our two boys with type 1 diabetes benefited from the changes we have made, but our whole family enjoys improved health and cessation of symptoms of other chronic conditions.

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  • DIY Wash for Fruits and Vegetables There is a cheap (Do-It-Yourself) DIY wash for fruits and vegetables that may completely eliminate certain pesticide residues.
  • Nobody Need Wait How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before beginning to improve the world. ~ Anne Frank
  • Skinny on Obesity- Hunger-Hormones Vicious Cylce Skinny on Obesity- Hunger and Hormones Vicious Cylce. If you want to understand why diets don’t work and the science on HOW obesity works, watch this video.
  • Skinny on Obesity- Sweet Sugar Addiction Skinny on Obesity- Sweet Sugar Addiction – This disturbing look at the addictive quality of sugar may encourage you completely eliminate it from your diet.
  • Safest Vitamin B12 Source Safest Vitamin B12 Source. Since foods are a package deal, what is the best way to get vitamin B12 (cobalamin)? Watch the video below for the answer.
  • Cheapest Vitamin B12 Source Cheapest Vitamin B12 Source. Vitamin B12 (cobalamin) supplementation can cost as little as $2 a year. All we really need is 4 to 7 micrograms (mcg) per day.
  • Metabolic Syndrome and Plant-Based Diets Metabolic Syndrome and Plant-Based Diets – Plant-based diets protect against metabolic syndrome, known as syndrome X, characterized by the deadly quartet.
  • Natural Sweetener Erythritol Potential Antioxidant Natural Sweetener Erythritol Potential Antioxidant – Erythritol does not carry the adverse effects associated with other low and non-caloric sweeteners.
  • Diet Soda Causes Weight Gain Eating More Calories Diet Soda Causes Weight Gain Eating More Calories – People consuming low calorie sweeteners may overcompensate by eating more than they otherwise would.
  • Artificial Sweetener Neurobiology Artificial Sweetener Neurobiology – The disconnect between sweetness sensations and the lack of a caloric feedback loop in the gut may result in overeating.
  • Stop Perpetuating Sweet Food Cravings Stop Perpetuating Sweet Food Cravings – Sweeteners – natural and artificial, caloric and non-caloric – help perpetuate cravings for intensely sweet foods.
  • Exercise Helps Essential Plant Based Diet Exercise Helps Essential Plant Based Diet – Eating a plant-based diet and exercise moderately surpasses eating a standard diet and exercise strenuously.
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil Versus Nuts Extra Virgin Olive Oil Versus Nuts – Effects of replacing refined olive oil with extra virgin olive oil, walnuts, or almonds on cardiovascular risk factors
  • Lifestyle Medicine Treats Disease Causes Lifestyle Medicine Treats Disease Causes. Doctors eliminate some of our leading killers by treating underlying chronic disease causes. Why don’t more do it?
  • Changing Our Taste Buds Changing Our Taste Buds – The longer we eat healthier foods the better they taste – this is exciting news! Give healthy food at least a month to see results
  • Watch our Story on the Incredible Healing Journals Website Lisa Robbins, founder of Incredible Healing Journals website has posted our story for her readers and viewers to watch. We encourage you to watch our story.
  • One of the Longest Surviving Type 1 Diabetic in the World! This is an amazing story about a woman who had Type 1 Diabetes. I would agree with her that the key to ideal health is to maintain healthy blood glucose levels. I hope you enjoy listening to her story.
  • How Fast Can Children Detoxify from PCBs? Based on the half-life of industrial pollutants children may be exposed to in the womb or at the breast, how many years does it take for them to detoxify their bodies (assuming they’re brought up on a healthy diet)?
  • Plants vs. Pesticides Phytonutrients found in certain foods may protect against the toxic effects of industrial pollutants such as dioxin and DDT, suggesting a dual role for plant-based diets to reduce both exposure and subsequent damage.
  • The Leaky Gut Theory of Why Animal Products Cause Inflammation A single meal of meats, eggs, and dairy can cause a spike of inflammation within hours that can stiffen one’s arteries. Originally this was thought to be the result of saturated animal fat causing our gut lining to leak bacterial toxins into our blood stream leading to endotoxemia.
  • The Exogenous Endotoxin Theory The endotoxemia (bacterial toxins in the bloodstream) that follows a meal of animal products and results in inflammation and stiffened arteries may come from the food itself rather than from one’s own gut bacteria.
  • Dead Meat Bacteria Endotoxemia The high bacteria load in raw or cooked animal foods and fermented foods may trigger an endotoxemic surge of inflammation that may be exacerbated by the presence of saturated animal fat.
  • Video: What Is Type 1 Diabetes? This 2 minute video is a good introductory primer on type 1 diabetes. The graphics are very helpful for visualizing what is happening in the body.
  • The Sugar Epidemic: Policy versus Politics In this excellent but lengthy video, Dr. Robert Lustig argues that it is time for a paradigm shift in obesity science and policy, away from personal responsibility and toward public health.
  • Epigenetics: Everything You Need to Know Epigenetics is an emerging scientific field. Research focuses on the chemical changes that affect gene expression but do not alter the base sequence of DNA. Be sure to watch the YouTube video below, which helps explain epigenetics. Then read this great article
  • Video: Insulin and Weight Gain Do you take insulin or were you advised to take it? In this video Dr. Sybil Kramer explains the difference between appropriate and inappropriate candidates for insulin, and why insulin sometimes causes weight gain.
  • Researchers Provide World’s First View of Type 1 Diabetes as it Unfolds We’re sending you an extra newsletter to provide a few articles on type 1 diabetes research. We found this article to be especially fascinating. It was just published. We encourage you to watch the videos of a T cell attack on mouse beta cells
  • Health-e-Recipe Demonstration Video: “Cinless” Cinnamon Rolls “Cinless” Cinnamon Rolls are made with ingredients that will have very little impact on blood sugars. Our two type 1 diabetic boys eat them with almost no change in blood sugars. These are part of a natural, healthy approach to managing diabetes, the diabetic-alkaline lifestyle.
  • The Don’t Quit Poem This is poem set to music that may give you an added boost of inspiration today to get you through any trial you may be experiencing.
  • Video Just For Laughs: Bless This Bag of Cheetos Just for laughs, watch this very funny video of Tim Hawkins talking about how people say grace before a totally unhealthy meal, asking God to bless it and nourish their bodies. Ha! It is funny because it is true!
  • Watch Our Slide Show Remember Watch Our Slide Show Remember. It captures the emotion of being newly diagnosed, and discovers there may be a road less traveled by which to manage diabetes
  • Our Story is On YouTube Our story of Gabriel and Nathan Roman is on YouTube. This video update tells their story up to February 2011 as it happened, from a parent’s point of view.
  • Eggplant Parmagiana Recipe Demo Online Tova demonstrates one of Sally Roman’s recipes. This is a great eggplant parmigiana and an easy from-scratch marinara sauce. Take a look if you would like to see this recipe demonstrated.
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