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Of Health and Hope – We hope sharing some of these notes encourage others to change to a lifestyle for better living and stable blood sugar control.

Here is a note from a family in Cedarburg, WI.

“Our 13 year old son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the end of March [2012].  He has always been really healthy, so this was quite a shock to us.

“Through eating better our son has been able to go from 14 to 16 units of insulin per meal at the beginning (with horrific numbers in the 200’s) to 2.5 units of insulin as of today (which will be changed again this afternoon, hopefully).  The lantus at bedtime was 12 and he is down to 3.5 (hoping today they will lower it to 3).  He still can eat 15 carbs for his 3 snacks without any insulin.   His numbers have gone steadily down so far and I believe he can get off insulin completely (which is a NOVEL concept around here).

“I took him off milk 3 days ago after reading about it in your recipe book. We drank raw goat milk until a year and a half ago (switched to cow milk, busy and we felt like taking a break from milking our goats) and he drank a lot of milk every day.  Also wheat seems to have been extra hard on him. When I took him off of it, his numbers went down 50 to 60 points. We have no history of type 1 diabetes that we can see in our family, so the wheat and cow milk connection just makes sense.

“Your recipe books look fantastic and I hope to buy your [home study] course as we can afford it.  It’s nice to see your children and how well they are doing.  It definitely gives us hope!” *

(* results may vary)

We love hearing from people who have made lifestyle changes to hear how the changes have helped them #ControlBloodSugarsNaturally. While the actual cause is unknown, it is likely there are multiple contributors that create a fertile field for the final trigger – whatever that may be – to precipitate the manifestation of type 1 diabetes. The innovative approach of the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle is to minimize as many possible contributors to disease progression as possible in order to stabilize management of the disease.

HeS-Advanced-Resources-Of Health and HopeOur recipe e-books, workshops,home study course, support services, and advanced resources will teach you how to transform your lifestyle in a practical, livable way for long term sustainability and better living. You will enjoy a natural way to help manage type 1 and type 2 diabetes with healthy, natural, whole, very low-glycemic foods. While Health is critically important, Outlook, Planning and Evaluation are also part of our framework of HOPE. Cultivating a lifestyle that seeks to improve these four foundational principles will take you far on the road toward a thriving life.