Our Daughter Is a Completely Different Child

With the painHeConnection-HeS-Lifestyle-Completely Different Child, despair and anxiety of a child with poorly-controlled blood sugars fresh in her mind, I think you will find this mother’s words inspiring and encouraging:

“Our daughter was diagnosed two years ago. We have watched our daughter going on highs and lows, not feeling well, moody beyond…. our hearts pounding each day, hiding in rooms of our home to allow the tears to flow…. despair… anxiety.

“Two months ago we met the Romans. We’ve changed the way we eat, and our daughter is a completely different child. I commend the Romans for spreading the word and not just keeping it for themselves.

I did count carbs and made sure she ate every two hours to cover high doses of insulin. It didn’t work. She never felt good; sweaty highs at night, lows during the day, crazy not feeling well, complaining of stomach aches. They put her on antacids for God’s sake… as if she didn’t have enough. For what… so she could eat a bagel?  Ridiculous!  Now, no more antacids, and she is a happy child. The proof is in the pudding!!!!”

And it is a healthier pudding too! We commend this mother and her entire family for joining the growing movement away from the disease-promoting typical western lifestyle, and toward a healthier way of living.

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