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When Gabriel was first diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, we were told that food did not matter. The advice given to us was to just go home and eat whatever we wanted; that insulin dependence was a train coming and there was nothing to be done to stop it.  Immediately, something stirred in my gut.  Flowing from that initial reaction was the multitude of questions I began asking myself.

Why wouldn’t diet matter if a nutritious diet is important for anyone wanting to achieve optimal health?  What about carbohydratess?  If the body is unable to metabolize carbohydrates properly, then why wouldn’t we want to consider this?  Multitudes of questions swirled in my brain.  Thankfully, this initial gut-feeling spurred me on to search for answers. This led me to doctors who provided knowledgeable advice that diet really did matter.

Today, I am glad we did not take the initial advice we received. I am so grateful for the doctors we have found that are focusing on healing our sons’ bodies. Seeing Gabriel and Nathan doing so remarkably well fills my heart with such appreciation for excellent advice. Parents, follow those intuitions, and persevere in finding the best health care for your precious children.

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