HeS Personal Workshop SuccessPersonal Workshop Success: “Gratitude for all you have taught us”

We learn as much from the people who attend our workshops as they do from us! We had a truly delightful time with this family who has a daughter diagnosed with type 1 diabetes as they experienced Personal Workshop Success. We provide you their words to encourage you to start down a healthier path for better blood sugar control and potentially fewer long term complications as a result.

“Thank you so very much for your time [at the personal workshop].  We truly enjoyed meeting all of you and learning from you in so many ways.

“First off, your children are amazing.  We are confident you hear this often, but by all measures they are so delightful. …Intelligent, wise, humble, sincere, mature, yet still kids!  Hard to find in today’s world.

“We feel so much gratitude to you for all you have taught us.  Now we are prepping food madly as we get planned (“if you fail to plan…”) for the week.

“I look forward to getting into your private Facebook page [this is made available to all who have attended a workshop or purchased our Home Study Course].

“Despite a long journey home with lots of tears and crying and sleeping interruptions, [our daughter] woke at 76 this morning.  I am really going to re-emphasize the calm home.  We have a relatively calm and quiet home, but now more than ever it will be important to clear the clutter (emotional and physical) to keep us all feeling motivated.

“Again, thank you so very much.”

Wow! We hope they continue to have blood sugars that great! That was after a day chock-full of healthy, foods right out of our recipe e-books (and a few others too)! We would love to see your family have the same experience with blood sugar control through healthy living and lifestyle changes. We are grateful for each opportunity to help others.

As for humble children, we won’t tell them this in case it goes to their heads… J