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Save yourself months and years of studying! We have done the work for you to help you shorten your learning curve and send you further down the road to better living and blood sugar control. Dive into more learning with our guidance for its relevance to the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle.

Framework of HOPE

Health-e-Solutions-HOPE-Natural Diabetes SolutionsWe organized our Natural Diabetes Solutions under a Framework of HOPE. This is the framework that categorizes and systematizes what we have learned for success in building a healthier lifestyle with optimal blood sugar control, greater confidence, sustainability and satisfaction while managing type 1 diabetes. (* results may vary)

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The links below will take you to each section of our Framework of HOPE and the Solutions available for better blood sugar control and thriving health.





Put your body in a position of strength by promoting, supporting and creating health. Poor health feeds poor health in a vicious cycle, or negative feedback loop that is increasingly difficult to break the longer it runs. Improving health creates a positive feedback loop instead.

  • Learn how your environment, lifestyle and diet impact your health and diabetes.
  • Get the research that supports the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle so you can make more informed decisions.
  • Health-e-Solutions Nine-Circles-Natural Diabetes SolutionsGet an in-depth look at how we evaluate foods and ingredients to make healthier choices for successful diabetes management.
  • Get tools and solutions to help minimize consequences and maximize benefits for nutrition, environment, exercise, sleep and stress management.
  • Find the answers to those nagging questions. We give you our views on the questions we are asked frequently. Many of them are the same questions we had when we began in 2008.
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We tend to limit health to nutritional, metabolic and exercise factors. And collectively, we haven’t quite made the connection that health is also given by who we are, how we think, what we feel and believe, how we conduct ourselves in the world. Mental, emotional, social and spiritual factors, what we call our outlook on life, all play a tremendous role in developing the healthiest lifestyle for optimal blood sugar control and long term success.

  • The mental, emotional, spiritual, social, and physical aspects of lifestyle transformation should not be overlooked when striving for better living, thriving health and optimal blood sugar control.
  • Learn about the connection between diabetes and depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder.Health-e-Solutions-Outlook-Natural Diabetes Solutions
  • Find out how thoughts improve health and how to fix your mojo.
  • Get practical tips to improve happiness and its metabolic power.
  • Learn how to encourage your child to embrace a new lifestyle.
  • Discover the effects of prayer and social support, giving and serving, on glycemic control.
  • Cultivating a lifestyle that seeks to improve in these areas will take you far on the road toward a thriving life.
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Planning and preparation makes this lifestyle practical, livable, and sustainable. Being purposeful & organized helps you persevere and master this condition when motivation runs low. The old saying is true, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

  • Get tools to help you plan, prepare, organize and manage your home.
  • We provide guidance to assist you in finding a practitioner that can best support you in this complementary, innovative method of managing diabetes.Health-e-Solutions-Planning-Targeting-Success-Natural Diabetes Solutions
  • Improve your diabetes management naturally. Our goal is optimal blood sugar control through lifestyle transformation.
  • Find out how we manage sick days and high blood sugars naturally.
  • Get our alternatives and tools for managing nearly all types of restaurants while on the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle.
  • Learn to manage your time and daily schedules in a more productive way.
  • And much more!

Evaluating progress and results of the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle is essential for mastering diabetes in the healthiest way possible. We have developed several means of assessing and evaluating progress for health and healing, not just for disease management.

  • What are normal blood sugars?
  • Just what exactly does the A1c test do, and how reliable is it?
  • Learn the best lab tests for evaluating pancreatic function.Health-e-Solutions-Evaluate-Natural Diabetes Solutions
  • Find out how to read studies; discern he differences between each type, and how much importance they should be given.
  • Get a better understanding of common lab tests with the aim of empowering you to better diabetes self-management to compliment your medical professional’s advice.
  • How should we define a cure for type 1 diabetes? What does curing type 1 diabetes mean, what does it look like, is it achievable?
  • Get practical application of labs to the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle.
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We continue to develop products and services that improve our Framework of HOPE to support you in your journey to master diabetes in the healthiest way possible.

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