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Evaluating Results

Quick Link to buy: 133-page downloadable, printable e-publication: Evaluate Results – $47.00

Evaluate Results Details

HeS-Evaluation- Evaluate Results-CoverMapping, monitoring and measuring are a continuous cycle when living with diabetes. You begin with a certain course of treatment in mind, which you mapped out with the help of your medical professional. You monitor your progress and measure it against your goals. Upon evaluation, you may find a new course must be corrected to compensate for successes and challenges.

The road we travel with diabetes is rarely a straight one. There are twists and turns, peaks and valleys. Each change may require an adjustment in your plan, and monitoring progress helps you to measure your success and stay on course.

Evaluating progress and results of the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle is essential for mastering diabetes in the healthiest way possible. We have developed several means of assessing and evaluating progress for health and healing, not just for disease management.

This 133-page downloadable e-publication equips you with the key evaluation tools you need, along with some of the research behind them, to determine where you want to go and how to get there. We give you important tools to help you chart your course and stay on track to reach your destination.


  • What are normal blood sugars?
  • How should we define a #Type1DiabetesCure? What does curing type 1 diabetes mean, what does it look like, is it achievable?
  • What are antibodies and how and why do we measure them?


  • Just what exactly does the A1c test do, and how reliable is it? How can we use it?
  • Are there other methods of monitoring blood sugars?
  • Learn the best lab tests for evaluating pancreatic function.


  • What are the most useful metabolic tests for the money?
  • Are there proven methods for evaluating basal insulin doses?
  • Learn about others tests for monitoring and measuring metabolic function to help create a better map for health and healing.
  • Get a better understanding of common lab tests with the aim of empowering you to better diabetes self-management to compliment your medical professional’s advice.
  • Find out how to read studies; discern the differences between each type, and how much importance they should be given.
  • Get practical application of real labs to the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle.

Click here to see the table of contents for this excellent resource.

This is an essential solution for your long term success. It will prove invaluable as you transform your lifestyle with the goal of improving blood sugar control and thriving health.

Price = $47.00

Quick Link to buy: Lab Review: Audio, Notes & Labs – $97.00

Lab Review Details

Lab Review: Audio, Notes & Labs

After 5 years on the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle, we recorded a set conference calls to review both of our boys’ multiple lab results and our naturopathic doctor’s interpretation and prescription for them.

Our goal is always optimal blood sugar control and thriving health. These candid, interactive and very informative 3+-hours of recorded calls complete with over 45 pages of notes and actual copies of our boys’ lab results, will:HeS-Evaluation-Lab-Review

  • Better equip you for diabetes management.
  • Help you better understand common lab tests.
  • Educate you about each component of the lab tests and why they are tested.
  • Provide you with our boys’ results and understand how they may apply to you.
  • Equip you further to master diabetes with the Health-e-Solutions Lifestyle.

Price = $97.00

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