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Health and Nutrition

HeS-House-of-Health-Roof-Health and NutritionYou can put your body in a position of strength by promoting, supporting and creating health. Poor health feeds poor health in a vicious cycle, or negative feedback loop that is increasingly difficult to break the longer it runs. Improving health creates a positive feedback loop instead.

    • Learn how your environment, lifestyle and diet impact your health and diabetes.
    • Get the research that supports the Roman Diet and Health-e-Solutions lifestyle so you can make more informed decisions.
    • Get an in-depth look at how we evaluate foods and ingredients to make healthier choices for successful diabetes management.
    • Get tools and solutions to help minimize consequences and maximize benefits for nutrition, environment, exercise, sleep and stress management.
    • Find the answers to those nagging questions. We give you our views on the questions we are asked frequently. Many of them are the same questions we had when we began in 2008.

We continue to develop products and services that improve our #FrameworkOfHOPE to support you in your journey to #Masterdiabetes the healthiest way possible.

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Health-e-Solutions-Pillar-Nutrition-Health and Nutrition


Food Filters

Alkalizing Your Body

HeS- Alkalizing-Your-Body-Health and NutritionAkalizing Your Body – For Better pH Balance

Balance is the key to great health… One of the many impressive balancing acts that occur in the body on a continuous basis is the creation of acid by metabolic processes, countered by the neutralization of acid by alkaline buffers. This determines the pH of the body. Unfortunately, most all of the foods that you eat today are acid-forming such as processed food products, most bottled goods, fats, oils, sugars, bakery goods, cereals and most cooked, fried and baked goods. The typical western diet consists of about 80 percent acidic foods and only about 20 percent alkaline foods when you should be eating exactly the opposite – 80 percent alkaline foods and only 20 percent acidic foods. You CAN impact your long term health and well-being, by changing your diet and lifestyle. In this special report we discuss

    • pH and your body – how it works
    • How food affects pH balance
    • The consequences of an acid-alkaline imbalance
    • The REAL problem with acid-alkaline imbalance
    • Acid-alkaline balance and diabetes
    • How you can have a positive impact

Log in to your Health-e-Solutions free member account to access this free special report, which discusses one of the primary food filters for the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle. Once logged in, look for it on our Free Articles page under the Free Media Menu If already logged in, click here to download this Special Report

Primary Food Filters

Quick Link to buy: Primary Food Filters downloadable, printable special report $27.00

Primary Food Filters

Health-e-Solutions Nine-Circles-Food-Filters-Health and NutritionOur motto is “Focus on the Food.”  We think this must be the foundation for optimal blood sugar control and better living. We consider the right foods to be the most important of our 5 pillars supporting thriving health.

Modern, industrialized food modification, farming, and processing have contributed to the unprecedented rise in chronic lifestyle and autoimmune diseases.  A fundamental problem in diabetes is the body’s inability to metabolize glucose properly.  This 123-page in-depth report provides information, evidence and data with which to understand the theory and methodology behind the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle. It provides you with insight into why we think it works so well for optimizing blood sugar control and better living.

Starting at the twelve o’clock position and moving clockwise around the Health-e-Solutions Food Filter graphic, we will examine each of these primary food filters. The overarching point of these food filters is diabetes support, which we would consider our primary filter overlaying each of the others. Ultimately, diabetes support it is the core “raison d’etre” for the Roman Diet and the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle.

Our Primary Food Filters include:

    • Indexes: Glycemic Index (GI), Glycemic Load (GL), Food Insulin Index (FII)
    • No Genetically Modified (GMO) or Genetically Engineered (GE) Foods
    • Inflammation
    • Farming Practices (Organic, Local, industrial, CAFO, etc.)
    • Nutrient Density
    • Food Processing and Manufacturing
    • Alkalinity (pH)
    • Yeast, Mold and other Fungi
    • Diabetes Support

This is a must have 123-page report that will fully equip you to make the best food and ingredient choices following the Roman Diet.

Price = $27.00  

Food Reviews

Food Review

Quick Link to buy: Food Review downloadable, printable e-publication  $27.00

Health-e-Solutions-Food-Review-Health and NutritionFood Review – Practical Application of the Health-e-Solutions Lifestyle

This publication contains the special reports: Healthy Water Choices, Sweet Alternatives, Why We Limit Animal Products, and much more! If you buy this one, there is no need to purchase the other reports listed in the Food Review section!

There is a plethora of divergent opinions about nutrition and diabetes management. We expect the guidance we provide herein will help you make more informed decisions for thriving health and optimal blood sugar management.

In this 149-page downloadable, printable e-publication, we provide practical examples of select foods and how we believe they stack up for inclusion, exclusion or moderated use in the Roman Diet. Learn with us about healthy alternative sweeteners, fats and oils and why we limit animal products. We clear up the confusion surrounding healthy water choices, raw food versus cooked food, fermented food and whether or not phytates help or hinder health.

Click here to download a copy of the Table of Contents. Topics include:

    • A brief discussion of how we determine the placement of specific foods
    • Roman Diet Food Reference Chart
    • Specific Foods Review – 22 pages reviewing 22 foods and ingredients
    • Sweet Alternatives – We review in detail three natural, very low-glycemic sugar substitutes that can work well with the Roman Diet. We also review two low-glycemic sugar alcohols, a natural sweetness enhancer and talk about inulin.
    • Understanding Fats and Oils – The Lipid Hypothesis began our departure from a healthy, balanced approach to fats. We explain why by discussing the basics of fats and how they impact health, both for good and for bad. We discuss the nuances involved with saturated fats, trans-fats and polyunsaturated vegetable oils. we list tips for restoring a proper fat balance in your diet. Importantly, we describe the factors that contribute to rancidity and the problems associated with refining oils.
    • Fat Ranking Graphic – This graphic depicts our overarching approach to fats and oils in an easy to understand picture, providing a quick reference guide for selecting the healthiest fats and oils.
    • Why We Limit Animal Products – To provide an in-depth look at this topic, we begin by discussing the problems with processed and factory-farmed meat and the dangers of persistent organic pollutants in Animal Products. Naturally-raised, organic animal products have issues as well. We elucidate the acid-base balance connection, how animal products may stress the pancreas and alter gut flora, and the dangers of mycotoxin exposure and AGEs. We explain how animal products impact insulin demand, and how they can affect blood sugar control. We also tell you what you can do to minimize these problem areas. We finish with a summary with references outlining why we list organic animal products as “Transitional” in the Roman Diet Food Reference Chart.
    • Healthy Water Choices – It is no longer reasonable to assume that you can get pure healthy water ready to drink from the tap because of toxins, man of which are not even regulated by our water treatment facilities. We bust the myths surrounding alkaline water ionizers and explain which type of water is best for optimum health. We also describe how to determine which water filter is the best, by providing five steps to making the best water filter choice. Importantly we discuss problems with bottled water and reveal what makes the best choices.
    • Raw versus Cooked – What do we mean by a raw food diet? We navigate the facts, myths and misunderstandings associated with the debate over which is healthiest; raw food or cooked food. This includes topics such as digestibility, nutrient availability, pathogens and raw food, beneficial bacteria, and whether or not raw food has what is referred to as life force. The answers may surprise you!
    • Naturally Fermented Foods – The healing properties of fermented foods are real and measured. We tell you about these benefits and how to ferment your own vegetables easily and inexpensively. We give you tips for success in making your own naturally fermented foods, even providing you with a couple of our favorite recipes!
    • Do Phytates Harm or Help? This is a worthy topic to understand for long term health and healing. We’ll educate you about the phytic acid content in foods by the most important food groups and explain how phytates are digested. We answer the question: Are phytates a friend or foe in our diets? We also detail how to overcome the unavoidable phytic acid in our diets that can serve as an anti-nutrient to some people if phytate-rich food is not properly prepared.
    • How to Read Food Labels – The ability to read and evaluate food labels is not just a matter of choosing to eat healthy. For people trying to manage a chronic disease like diabetes, reading labels may be a life-saving matter. If you are trying to improve nutrition and optimize blood glucose control the right mix of foods can be critical. Learning how to decipher Nutrition Facts labels can be vital to achieving success.
    • Summary – We conclude this information-packed document with a six-page recap of the most important take-away points from each section.

This is a great publication to take you deeper into understanding the practical application of the Roman Diet and methodologies to select the best foods for sustainable, thriving health and optimal blood sugar control.

Price = $27.00

Healthy Water Choices

H-e-S- HFR- Healthy Water Choices-Health and NutritionHealthy Water Choices – Your Most Important Nutrient

It is no longer reasonable to assume that you can get pure healthy water ready to drink from the tap. Nor can you be certain that your well water is not contaminated. People with autoimmune diseases like type 1 diabetes may be more vulnerable to contaminants in drinking water than the general population. From ionizers to bottled water, this 20-page special report will separate myth from fact about what makes healthy water, explain the fallacy of the one-size fits water treatment approach, discuss how to make the best filter choices, and much more.

Price = $5.99

Sweet Alternatives Special Report

H-e-S- HFR- Sweet Alternatives-Health and NutritionSweet Alternatives – Replacing Sugar, Fructose and Artificial Sweeteners

With increasing reports of health consequences resulting from consuming artificial sweeteners, and too much sugar and fructose, most people looking for a sugar substitute have been left wanting. We identify in this 13-page special report several delicious natural sugar substitutes that can take the place of any other sweetener – even in baking – and one surprise that makes them all taste even better.

Price = $4.97

Why We Limit Animal Products Special Report

H-e-S- HFR- Why Limit Meat-Health and NutritionWhy We Limit Animal Products

There is a long list of health concerns tied to hormone-filled, antibiotic-laden animal products from Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations. Even the best quality animal products, however, can tax a compromised pancreas, stress remaining beta cells, increase insulin demand, alter gut flora balance, elevate cortisol levels, increase insulin and blood sugar levels,  increase net acid load, create advanced glycation end-products and increase exposure to persistent organic pollutants. These issues can be problematic for people with diabetes looking to preserve remaining beta cells by keeping insulin demand and glucose levels low.

Price = $5.99

Gut Check

Gut Check

Quick Link to buy: Gut Check downloadable, printable e-publication – $27.00

Gut Check – Healing the Epicenter of Chronic Disease

Health-e-Solutions-Gut-Check-Health and NutritionThe Roman Diet is an excellent means by which to obtain nutrients for energy, repair and proper bodily function while maintaining optimal blood sugar control. However, some people who have additional complications related to gut health, food sensitivities and allergies and additional autoimmune diseases may need to go further to correct underlying causes.  In this 141-page downloadable, printable e-publication, we discuss potential problem areas and offer practical, natural solutions to improve health and diabetes management.

Topics include:

    • The Gut Health Quiz – helps you determine the path you should take based on extent of your gut symptoms
    • Common Limiting Factors – directs you where to look first for improvement.
    • Candida – equips you to understand and control this common cause of intestinal distress naturally.
    • Nightshades – reviews the problems associated each nightshade, providing a method to determine your reactivity and how to manage it.
    • Food Allergies and Intolerances – explains how these differ, what the symptoms are and how to avoid them, what the best testing methods are, how to heal the gut, and what are the most common food culprits.
    • Dairy, Gluten and Cross-Reactive Foods – describes the dairy and gluten links to type 1 diabetes, and explains how certain other foods can mimic these same effects.
    • FODMAPs – introduces you to a family of carbohydrates that may cause problems for diabetics beyond the usual blood sugar issues, and we show you how you can detect and treat FODMAP intolerance.
    • Lectins and Your Gut – explains how the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle minimizes your exposure and equips you with lectin-reducing food preparation techniques.
    • Solving SIBO – details the sign, symptoms, testing, and treatment of small intestinal bacterial overgrowth.
    • Food Allergy Rotation Diet – supplies you with the tools and tips you need to establish and maintain a 4-day food rotation diet, Health-e-Solutions template included.
    • Special Diets List – Foods-Groups-Families – furnishes a valuable list with which to compare diets and look up foods by their name, family or group for use with a rotation diet.
    • Bacteriophages and Autoimmune Disease – explores the exciting new (to the West) field of phage therapy and what it might mean for gut health and autoimmune treatments.
    • Probiotics, Prebiotics and Synbiotics – discusses their link to type 1 diabetes, how they may improve gut health, how to get plenty naturally in your diet, and what to look for when choosing a supplement.
    • Digestive Enzymes – describes their link to type 1 diabetes, answers common questions about their use and function, and provides step-by-step natural alternatives to enzyme supplementation.
    • Gut Check Summary – a 10-page summary of all that was written before for quick reference.


Price = $27.00  


Nutrition Q & A

Nutrition Q & A

Quick Link to buy: Nutrition Questions and Answers downloadable, printable e-publication  $19.97

Nutrition Q & A: Practical Application of the Roman Diet 

Health-e-Solutions-Nutrition-QA-Health and NutritionThe core of the Roman Diet uses food as natural means by which to master diabetes in the healthiest way possible.  In this 73-page downloadable, printable e-publication, we have compiled answers to 87 questions that we either received from people about nutrition in general, about the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle specifically, or that we have encountered in our studies.

Most of these questions have not been addressed elsewhere. Our goal in answering these questions is to provide you with a deeper look into what we do for success and why we do it, equipping you with the answers you need for the practical application of the Roman Diet to nutrition.

Click here to Download a copy of the Table of Contents.

Price = $19.97


Natural Remedies

Natural Remedies

Quick Link to buy: More Natural Remedies downloadable, printable e-publication  $27.00

More Natural Remedies: Mastering Diabetes in the Healthiest Way Possible

HeS-Natural-Remedies-Health and NutritionThe core of the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle uses food as natural means by which to master diabetes in the healthiest way possible.  With the understanding that there is far more to be explored, we delve into a few natural treatments we have researched and found to be sufficiently safe and effective.  In this 132-page downloadable, printable e-publication, we stay “close to home,” as it were, as we discuss nine additional treatment topics primarily having to do with food as medicine. They offer practical, natural remedies to improve health and diabetes management.

Topics include:

    • Staying Healthy with Water – briefly discusses the importance of water to diabetes management, how water improves your health and when to drink water. We do not cover the best water sources or filters in this publication. You can find that in our Food Review
    • Oil Pulling and Diabetes – gives an understanding of gum disease and diabetes and describe how oil pulling may provide a natural solution for better oral health and beyond.
    • Ketogenesis – provides a deeper understanding of this often misunderstood subject by explaining the interaction of each macronutrient, describing the various metabolic states, clarifying the vast difference between ketosis and ketoacidosis and detailing how and when to measure ketones while in ketosis.
    • Intermittent Fasting – illuminates the relationship between intermittent fasting, stem cell regeneration, immune system restoration, ketosis and diabetes. We also cover how to do Intermittent Fasting who should NOT do it.
    • Resistant Starch – contributes a great understanding of resistant starch and how it relates to diabetes and health in general. We detail how to add resistant starch to your diet to improve blood sugar control and explain the minimal risks.
    • Organic Sulfur and Diabetes – explains the importance of sulfur to health and blood sugar control, lists the best sulfur-containing foods , describes sulfur-containing supplements for diabetes and their function, and elaborates on the Cellular Matrix Study with its significant anecdotal evidence.
    • Aromatherapy and Essential Oils – looks at the research on essential oils, delivers information on determining the quality of essential oils, give details on essential oils dilutions, applications and carrier oils. In addition, we discuss safety in using essential oils and provide tips on finding a qualified aroma-therapist. Lastly, we describe essential oils used for diabetes.
    • Support when Antibiotics are Necessary – advances remedies you can do both during and after a course of antibiotics to minimize the damage and encourage regrowth and diversification of your gut flora
    • Natural Anti-Pathogens – describes the crisis that is bringing the “age of antibiotics” to an end, discusses the future and lists natural anti-pathogens that work against a host of pathogens without losing their effectiveness or creating resistance.
    • Summary – recaps the key points to understand about each of the remedies and how they can positively impact diabetes management.


Price = $27.00


Health-e-Solutions-Pillar-Environment-Health and NutritionEnvironment

Environment, Diabetes & Health

Quick Link to buy: Environment, Diabetes & Health downloadable, printable e-publication $27.00

Health-e-Solutions-Environment-Internal-External-Health and NutritionEnvironment – One of the Five Pillars Supporting Thriving Health 

Our environment, internal and external, indoors and outdoors, has reached a point of inescapable concern. There is nowhere left to run. Eliminating all toxic exposure has become virtually impossible. However, taking healthy measures to minimize your exposure and keep your body’s detoxification systems functioning optimally can be of great benefit to long term health and blood sugar control.

In this 165-page special report on the Environment, Diabetes and Health, we:

    • Present clear and compelling evidence describing the current environmental crisis, how we are products of our environment, and the links to diabetes.
    • Provide a blueprint for minimizing toxic exposure in a practical, livable, sustainable way.
    • Review the rapidly-growing field of epigenetics, which will enlighten you about how your parents and grandparent have affected your health, and how you impact the health of your future generations
    • Discuss the important and rapidly-expanding research into your microbiome and how to support it to prevent and perhaps reverse chronic and autoimmune diseases.
    • Survey the players in the treatment of your microbiota for diabetes management, treatment and possibly cure.
    • Expose the threats from our indoor environment; the air in our homes, the water we drink and in which we bathe and swim, personal care products, cleaning products, even the plates on which we eat and the containers in which we store our foods.
    • Illuminate the threats from the world around us, which is tied increasingly to the world epidemic of diabetes.
    • Provide practical, natural methods for minimizing exposure to and maximizing the removal of toxins, internally and externally, indoors and outdoors.
    • Explain the body’s natural detox systems and natural methods for supporting and enhancing your body’s capabilities.
    • Equip you with natural cleaning formulas for cleaning your home and more, list healthy, natural personal care substitutes, explain how to keep your home healthy and avoid toxic exposure in the external environment without living in a bubble.
    • Alert you to the growing body of research on EMF and RF radiation from phones and appliances showing detrimental effects to health from long term exposure.


In our opinion, this is invaluable information that must be understood. More important is we give you the tools to take action. This is one of the five pillars in the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle that supports thriving health and better blood sugar control.

Price = $27.00

 Health-e-Solutions-Pillar-Exercise-Health and Nutrition


Exercise and Diabetes

Quick Link to buy: Exercise and Diabetes downloadable, printable e-publication Special Report $14.97

Exercise – One of the Five Pillars Supporting Thriving Health

There is plenty of scientific evidence that a prescription for a fitness and exercise routine often makes more sense than one for a drug. Even just a little exercise holds some benefit. Exercise improves the ability of glucose transporters in the body to facilitate glucose entry into skeletal muscle, even without insulin. Exercise also increases utilization of fatty acids as a fuel source in the short term and increased formation of new mitochondria in the long term.

“Those who think they have not time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness.”  ~ Edward Stanley

Sadly, modern lifestyle promotes sedentary behavior, which increases chronic disease risk and the risk of death from any cause. As one of the five pillars supporting thriving health, an integral part of the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle always includes a consistent exercise regimen.

Health-e-Solutions-Exercise-Health and NutritionIn this 66-page report on exercise and diabetes we:

    • Discuss the health risks associated with insufficient exercise
    • Provide strategies for improving workplace health
    • Review the biggest exercise mistakes made by or with our children
    • Provide safe and effective alternatives
    • Outline physical activity guidelines with plenty of suggestions for healthy activities
    • Explain the paradoxical effect exercise can have on people with type 1 diabetes
    • Give the exercise guidelines for those who are insulin-dependent
    • Detail the four components of an exercise program that should be included to help reduce blood sugars, increase strength and improve general well-being
    • Help you change your mindset towards making fitness fun
    • Discuss the science of exercise and type 1 diabetes
    • Cover the fuels metabolized by muscle and their regulations during the various stages of exercise
    • Describe the relationship between exercise, hypoglycemia, delayed hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia and ketones
    • Provide strategies for insulin treatment adjustments
    • Detail nutritional strategies for exercise with insulin-dependent diabetes
    • Click here to download a copy of the Table of Contents


We want to help you realize the importance of exercise, but also the complexities involved in managing blood sugars while incorporating exercise into your daily routine. The goal is to make managing exercise with diabetes, particularly insulin-dependent diabetes, more manageable, fun, and practical.

Price = $14.97

Health-e-Solutions-Pillar-Sleep-Health and Nutrition



S [/dropcap]leep – One of the Five Pillars Supporting Thriving Health

Despite a growing understanding that adequate sleep, like adequate nutrition and physical activity, is vital to our well-being, people are sleeping less.

Diabetes and sleep problems often go hand in hand. Diabetes can cause sleep loss, and there is evidence that not sleeping well can increase your risk of developing diabetes. Sleep can affect your blood sugar levels and your blood glucose control can also affect your sleep, which results in trouble sleeping. Proper sleep can be as important as diet for people with diabetes.

In this 32-page special report on Sleep, Health and Diabetes, we:

    • Detail vital reasons to get enough sleepHealth-e-Solutions-Sleep-Health-Diabetes-Health and Nutrition
    • Describe sleep’s effects on your immune system
    • Explain the consequences of disrupting your circadian rhythms
    • Discuss how poor sleep worsens health in people with type 1 diabetes
    • Provide research concerning the significant link between sleep deficiency and type 2 diabetes
    • Show how getting enough sleep could help prevent diabetes
    • Bust sixteen common sleep myths – you may be guilty of believing these
    • Provide alternatives to counteract the common sleep myths
    • Detail how to better manage sleep
    • Describe how brains cells use sleep to restore healthy brain function
    • List average sleep requirements by age and describe what happens when you don’t get enough
    • Explain the five stages of sleep and why they are important
    • Discuss at length how to improve your sleep: what to do, what to avoid, supplements to take (if needed) and more


Sleep is one of five pillars supporting thriving health and optimal blood sugar control in the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle. Research is revealing the links between sleep and diabetes and suggests that we should use sleep like diet and exercise to prevent or treat this common disease.

Make sleep a priority! We’ll help you learn how.

Price = $9.97


Health-e-Solutions-Pillar-Stress-Mgmt-Health and Nutrition


Stress and Diabetes

Quick Link to buy: Stress and Diabetes downloadable, printable e-publication special report $9.97

Stress – One of the Five Pillars Supporting Thriving Health 

In people who have diabetes, the fight-or-flight response does not work well. Insulin is not always able to let the extra energy into the cells, so glucose piles up in the blood. During times of stress, individuals with diabetes have more difficulty controlling their blood sugars. Simply put, chronic stress is at least a participant in the underlying cause of most degenerative diseases. Coupled with poor nutrition or a lack of exercise, this is a perfect recipe for disaster.

In this 35-page special report on Stress and Diabetes, we cover the following topics:

    • The Many Symptoms of StressStress and Diabetes-Health and Nutrition
    • Chronic Stress Leads to Type 2 Diabetes
    • Stress and Type 1 Diabetes
    • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Parents of Children with Type 1 Diabetes
    • How Stress Impacts Your Metabolism
    • How You Respond to Stress Now Determines Your Health in 10 Years
    • How You Become Attached to Stress
    • Tips to Keep Your Children from Feeling Stressed
    • Herbs and Supplements to Calm and Replenish the Body
    • The Secret Ingredient to Stress Management
    • Music Benefits Mood, Immune System, Lowers Cortisol
    • Honesty Is the Best Policy in Stress management
    • Beating Chronic Stress Can Be Fun, Easy and Creative
    • Stress Affects Breathing
    • Breathing Affects Stress
    • Breathing for Healing
    • The Physical Toll of Caregiving
    • Tips to Help with Caregiver Stress

Managing stress is one of the five pillars supporting thriving health in the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle, and its impact should not be underestimated, even in children. Effective stress management, along with nutrition, environmental management, quality sleep and exercise can have long lasting impact on health.

Managing stress is vital to optimal blood sugar control!  While some stress is inevitable, we’ll give you the tools you need to manage it effectively.

Price = $9.97  


Recipe-e-books-Home-study-course-Health and Nutrition

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