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Outlook Matters | Success Pack | MC 365

Outlook-MC-365This product is not included in the Natural Solution set. It is an affiliate program created by Dr. Bob Ruotolo.

Dr. Bob has designed and implemented ‘change management’ efforts within, and as a consultant to, major corporations. Dr. Bob holds a doctoral degree in staff development and organization change from the University of Pennsylvania and has published several articles and books including INSPIRATION AT WORK – Igniting a New Entrepreneurial Spirit in the Individual and Corporation; and CREATING YOUR DREAMS AND MAKING THEM REAL: A Coaching and Mentoring Guide.

Philosopher, Lao Tzu stated: “The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins With One Step.”  This is true, not only for a long journey but a short one too. Everything that you desire involves taking that very first step.

Introducing the amazing MC 365 Program!

This ground breaking program was created for the purpose of providing you with the tools needed to dramatically improve every aspect of your life! This is a scientifically designed motivational system that works practically all day long for a complete year. Where else could you find a system that you start your morning and use it all day long until you sleep for the night?

  • It is digitally delivered via email on a daily basis.
  • It will require your interaction with the principles and messages delivered to you
  • It will adjust your mental thought process to the point where you cannot help drive yourself to success in anything you want to achieve!

More and more people are realizing that they want to think better, feel better, and be happier. Can you imagine having more passion, purpose and balance in your life? Have you felt lost and because you couldn’t find the answers to your path to positive thinking while getting away from always procrastinating on things?


You are about to change your life forever!

Achieve Your Dreams – Your mind will be conditioned to make what you want in life to be possible. Because this is a daily program that you practice, it strongly reinforces your connection with your goals and dreams.

Create Successful Relationships – You will discover how easy it is to create relationships in your life both personal and professional.

Live a Prosperous Life – You will find that, when this program makes your mind right, you are totally ready to achieve and lead a very prosperous life!

MC-365 are daily messages that are short, meaningful and have made a significant difference in my thinking. I love all of them and look forward to getting my day off to a great start with positive thoughts. The messages are simple yet powerful.” ~ Kathy Delaney- Retired P.E. teacher

“As a nurse I understand the connection between emotional wellness and physical wellness. From my experience there has never been a wellness program that brings them together better than MC-365. Dr. Ed figured it out. We now can have access to all this proven evidence every day of the year.” ~ Ann Knapp – Nurse

MC 365 Key Features

This program is the only one of its kind that

  • Quickly Motivates You  – The first thing is to work on your own thought process by reinforcement of positive attitudes …
  • Improve Relationships with Loved Ones – The system works to improve interactions with all whom you come into contact…
  • Guide You To A Prosperous Life – Once we lay the foundation of positive thinking the next step is to achieve your dreams …
  • 365 Days of Motivation! – The best value you get from this program is a total of 365 days of quotes, messages, and actionable items for you to put into practice! …

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