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This is the framework that categorizes and systematizes what we have learned for success in building a healthier lifestyle with optimal blood sugar control, greater confidence, sustainability and satisfaction while mastering type 1 diabetes.  (* results may vary)

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Planning & Preparation

Quick Link to Buy:  137-page downloadable, printable e-publication: Targeting Success – $47.00

Planning and preparation makes this lifestyle practical, livable, and sustainable. Being purposeful & organized helps you persevere and master diabetes when motivation runs low. The old saying is true, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”  The following resources equip you to target long term success and sustainability.

  • Health-e-Solutions-Planning-Target Success-GoldGet tools to help you plan, prepare, organize and manage your home.
  • Acquire guidance to assist you in finding a practitioner that can best support you in this complementary, innovative method of managing diabetes
  • Improve your diabetes management naturally. Our goal is optimal blood sugar control through lifestyle transformation.
  • Learn what to do if you feel worse beginning the HeS lifestyle.
  • Discover what it means to be keto-adapted and how to adjust.
  • Is fiber your friend or your foe?
  • Get practical tips on inspiring picky eaters and raising healthy kids.
  • Find out how we manage sick days and high blood sugars naturally.
  • Get our alternatives and tools for managing nearly all types of restaurants while on the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle.
  • Learn to manage your time and daily schedules in a more productive way.
  • And much more!

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Targeting Success Details

This 137-page downloadable e-publication provides you with resources to target long term success following the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle. We don’t think it is in your best interest to achieve short term success if it cannot be sustained. To that end we have compiled and created this set of reports into one e-book to help you plan, prepare, organize and succeed in transforming your lifestyle for improved blood sugar control and better living.  Healthy lifestyle transformation requires more work than the typical western lifestyle, but the benefits are well worth the effort!

Click here to see the table of contents for this excellent resource

Table of Contents


H-e-S-Targeting-Success-CoverTargeting Success Introduction

  • Success Takes Time
  • Customize the Health-e-Solutions Lifestyle

Plan for Mental Sabotage

  • Uncomfortable Actions
  • Get Your Head Right
  • Throw Your Shoe Over the Fence

Organize Your Home

  • Tips and Strategies
  • Organizational Journal for Household Routines
  • Practical Applications
    • Organize Your Recipe Notebook
    • Establish a Shopping Routine
    • Organizing Your Refrigerator and Pantry
    • Organize Your Supplements
    • Establish a Daily Routine
    • Develop an Exercise Plan
    • Organize Personal History and Progress Reports

Selecting a CAM Practitioner

  • Finding and Choosing CAM Practitioners
  • Questions for Your Prospective Practitioner
  • The First Visit
  • Types of CAM Practitioners

When Should We Eat?

When you Feel Worse Beginning the HeS Lifestyle

  • Die Off
  • Keto-Adaptation Flu
  • Fat Metabolism Problems
  • Leaky Gut
  • 5 Common Die-Off Myths

Keto-Adaptation: What It Is and How to Adjust

  • What Is Keto-Adaptation?
  • What Happens During Keto-Adaptation?
  • Making Keto-Adaptation Quick and Painless

Fiber: Friend or Foe?

  • Benefits of Healthy Fiber
  • Healthy Fiber Basics
  • Bloating, Cramping and Fiber
  • Helpful Supplements
  • Fermented Vegetables: A Better Alternative

Health-e-Solutions-Planning-Targeting-Success-Green-ArrowRaising Healthy Eaters

  • Model Healthy Eating
  • How Can You Integrate Healthy Eating
  • Cooking in the Kitchen with Your Kids

Inspiring Picky Eaters

  • How to Hide Nutrition in Your Kids’ Meals
  • How to Make Healthy Food Taste Better to Kids
  • Recipes

Managing Travel, Restaurants and Snacks

  • Why Eating at Home is Always Best
  • 6 Critical Questions to Ask at Any Restaurant
  • Planning Tips for Restaurants
  • Restaurant Ideas
  • Snack Choices
  • Travel Tips
  • Travel Checklist for Medications

Managing Sick Days Naturally

  • Clinical Management
  • Natural Protocols We Use to Manage Sick Days

Managing High Blood Sugars Naturally

  • Steps We Take to Lower Blood Glucose Levels

  • What Can Cause Blood Sugar Swings

Managing Blood Glucose with Carbohydrate Counting

  • Carbohydrates & Carb Counting
  • Health-e-Solutions Carb-Counting Quick Reference
  • Macronutrient Effect on Blood Glucose
  • Insulin and Carbohydrate Counting
  • Total Available Glucose Method
  • Breaking the Carbohydrate Code on Your Nutrition Label

Putting Time on Your Side

  • A Healthy Approach to Time Management
  • Skills for Managing Details – Keep a Time Log

Summary and Closing Remarks

This is an essential Solutions resource for your long term success. You will not regret learning the valuable tips and strategies found here.

Price = $47.00

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