Pulling Back Curtain Reveals Genetic Predispositions Lie

HeConnection-HeS-Lifestyle-Pulling Back Curtain Reveals Genetic Predispositions LiePulling Back Curtain Reveals Genetic Predispositions Lie – A common misunderstanding of the role of genetics is that a genetic predisposition to a specific disease means that there is inevitability to acquiring the disease. A genetic predisposition to illness typically does NOT mean that the disease is independent of a person’s lifestyle. One example is lactose intolerance: If you do not drink milk, you do not develop diarrhea, even if you carry this hereditary ‘defect’. Correspondingly, celiac disease (intestinal disease of gluten intolerance) Expanding our perspective develops among those people with a hereditary predisposition if, and only if, they eat grains containing gluten.

Most widespread Western diseases seem to have a significant hereditary component. For type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, we do inherit a certain amount of resistance, which means that two people with the exact same lifestyle are at varyingly high degrees of becoming ill. But evidence suggests that if these people lived a more traditional lifestyle instead of the typical western lifestyle, they may been much less affected. Furthermore, if people with a predisposition for diabetes would revert to a traditional lifestyle, they would actually be expected to do better.

Differentiating Genetics

It is also of interest to distinguish between genetics at the individual/familial level and genetically determined ethnic characteristics. In both cases, if you have the ‘wrong’ parents, you have to be more careful than other people about your lifestyle. But there is some comfort for you; if you use preventive measures, you can reduce your risk to a point below that of people without a genetic predisposition (if those other persons continue to live an unhealthy lifestyle).

Both heredity and environment

Hence, it is not contradictory that most modern diseases are genetically conditioned, and, at the same time, that they depend on a person’s lifestyle (to manifest themselves). It involves heredity and environment – not either/or. Or, in the words of Geoffrey Rose, the answer to ‘Why does this particular individual in this population get this disease?’ is not necessarily the same as the answer to ‘Why does this population have so much disease?’. The new science of nutrigenomics usually deals with the first question. The second is equally important, and also a third one: why are most modern humans afflicted with Western disease?

These are valid questions that most likely have their roots in the modern lifestyle. For all its conveniences, “improved” artificially-enhanced tastes, and toxic burden from too much cleanliness it is now proving to be our undoing after decades of believing we were actually improving ourselves.

Believing the genetic lie puts us in a position of powerlessness. It’s falseness is now being revealed through epigenetics, like the Wizard of Oz when the curtain was pulled back by Toto. It is time to regain your position of strength and realize you CAN do something about genetic predisposition. They are not set in stone. They are mutable, and lifestyle is the dog that can pull back the curtain to reveal a kinder, gentler genetics than you may have previously thought.

environment-Pulling Back Curtain Reveals Genetic Predispositions LieOur environment, internal and external, indoors and outdoors, has reached a point of inescapable concern.  Taking healthy measures to minimize your exposure and keep your body’s detoxification systems functioning optimally can be of great benefit to long term health and #BloodSugarControl.

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