Review Lab Tests and Results With Us

Do you know why specific lab tests are taken for diabetes?Health-e-Solutions-Audio-Lab-Review-Review Lab Tests

Would you like to better understand your lab tests?

Have you ever wondered what all those items on your lab tests mean?

Do you want to find out what it means when a lab value is “High” or “Low” or “Out of Range”?

Are you curious to know the latest results for our two type 1 diabetic sons, Gabriel and Nathan?

Dan and Sally Roman invite YOU to listen in!

After 5 years on the Health-e-Solutions diet, we held this conference call to review both of our boys’ multiple lab results and our doctors, interpretations and remedies. This very informative call:

  • Lasts over 2 hours!
  • Contains over 20 pages of notes for you to follow along, make notes and use as a reference for your own lab tests.
  • Provides copies of Gabe’s and Nathan’s lab tests. These are the real deal. We are being transparent with you so you can better understand your own labs.
  • Covers the following Labs and summarize each of their components:HeConnection-Evaluate Progress-Review Lab Tests
    • 3 Antibody Tests
    • CBC Panel and its 14 components
    • Metabolic Panel and its 16 components
    • HbA1C Test
    • Fasting and Post-Prandial Insulin tests
    • Fasting and Post-Prandial C-Peptide tests
    • Calculated HOMA-IR and HOMA-%Beta values
    • Modified Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT)
    • Lipid Panel and its 7 components
    • Thyroid Panel and its 4 components
  • Includes answers to questions after the presentation of the lab results and their interpretation.

Our doctors sent us in a new direction in our Health-e-Solutions lifestyle that will be of interest to many of you.

Our goal is always optimal blood sugar control and thriving health. To that end, this call will:

  • Better equip you for diabetes management.
  • Help you better understand lab tests.
  • Educate you about what each component of the lab tests are and why they are tested.
  • Provide you with our boys’ latest results and understand how they may apply to you.
  • Update you on the new direction we are heading in the Health-e-Solutions Lifestyle.

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We also discuss what our doctors think is a promising way to combat chronic systemic or tissue-specific infections – a common denominator in many cases of Type 1 Diabetes. It is not a new supplement.  This is not surgery or drugs.  It is an all-natural approach.

You get summarized information about each component of a CBC, Metabolic, Lipid and Thyroid panel. We talk about the 3 most common antibody tests for type 1 diabetes and their results.

We also discuss fasting and post-prandial insulin and c-peptide tests, our modified oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) and calculated HOMA-IR and HOMA-%Beta percentages. Don’t know what those are? We’ll explain them to you.

The call is a conference call format with notes and lab results downloadable for all who purchase.

This highly informative recorded call is available to all those who purchase, and you will have permanent access to it for future reference.