Health-e-Recipe: Roasted Cauliflower Lemon-Tahini Sauce

HeConnection-Recipes-Roasted Cauliflower Lemon-Tahini SauceI found this Roasted Cauliflower Lemon-Tahini Sauce recipe online at The Vegetarian Times. It is therapeutic and absolutely scrumptious!  It is a great addition to #TheRomanDiet arsenal of recipes for sustainable living. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

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HeS-lifestyle-Solutions-Road-Roasted Cauliflower Lemon-Tahini SauceOur recipe e-books, workshops and home study course will teach you how to transform your lifestyle in a #PracticalLivableSustainable way for better living. You will enjoy a natural, innovative way to help master type1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes with healthy, natural, whole, #VeryLowGlycemic, low #InsulinDemand foods. There is strong evidence that better blood sugar control – without the roller-coaster ride of highs and lows – results in better health outcomes and fewer complications in the years ahead.