Roman Diet Beyond Basics Diabetes Recipe e-Book Roman Diet Beyond Basics Diabetes Recipe e-Book

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Are you ready to go beyond basics with the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle? In The Roman Diet Beyond Basics Diabetes Recipe e-Book we’ve got 45 more awesome recipes for you, all with minimal impact on blood glucose and maximum focus on nutrition, health and wellness. Our family enjoys these recipes on a regular basis, knowing we are eating our way to better health.

You also get all the standard features of our other recipe e-books:

  • 45 delicious recipes
  • Blood glucose – food response chart
  • Common grocery list
  • List of healthy substitutes for common cooking ingredients
  • Meal suggestions
  • U.S. to metric conversion table


  • Carb counting information & cheat sheet – This will give you an idea how many carbs are associated with the stated serving size of some common foods and helps you understand how to count carbs in food servings
  • Fats & oils ranking & info-graphic – Use this info-graphic and additional information on fats and oils as your guide to determine which types of fats and oils to use when following the Health-e-Solutions Lifestyle
  • Roman Diet food reference chart – You will find this quick reference guide very helpful in deciding which foods to add, limit or eliminate from your Health-e-Solutions lifestyle
  • Food preparation equipment – The food prep equipment information will help guide your purchase decisions for greater success in the kitchen and easier food preparation.

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Get the Ultimate and the Liquid Assets Recipe e-Books together as a set! This 2-book set gives you 190 recipes with all the features and benefits of both recipe e-books.


Purchase the Ultimate PRIME Recipe e-Book Set – $79.97

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With this set, you will have more than 275 health recipes for better blood sugar control. Plus, you will save money! This is a 3-book set of over 275 recipes with all the features and benefits of the Ultimate, the Liquid Assets, and the Animalized Recipe e-Books.



For purchasing the the Ultimate PRIME Recipe e-Book Set, We’ll give you these three special reports as an added bonus, all at no extra cost:

  • Why We Limit Animal ProductsRoman Diet Recipe e-Books- Why Limit Meat-CoverThere is a long list of health concerns tied to hormone-filled, antibiotic-laden animal products from Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations. Even the best quality animal products, however, can tax a compromised pancreas, stress remaining beta cells, increase insulin demand, alter gut flora balance, elevate cortisol levels, increase insulin and blood sugar levels, increase net acid load, create advanced glycation end-products and increase exposure to persistent organic pollutants. These issues can be problematic for people with diabetes looking to preserve remaining beta cells by keeping insulin demand and glucose levels low.
  • Healthy Water Choices – It is no longer reasonable to assume that you can get pure healthy water ready to drink from the tap.  Nor can you be certain that your well water is not contaminated. People with autoimmune diseases like type 1 diabetes may be more vulnerable to contaminants in drinking water than the general population. From ionizers to bottled water, this 20-page special report will separate myth from fact about what makes healthy water, explain the fallacy of the one-size fits water treatment approach, discuss five-steps to making the best filter choice, and much more.Roman Diet Diabetes Recipe e-Books- Special Report Covers
  • Sweet Alternatives – With increasing reports of health consequences resulting from consuming artificial sweeteners, and too much sugar and fructose, most people looking for a sugar substitute have been left wanting. In this informative, 12-page report we identify several delicious natural sugar substitutes that can take the place of any other sweetener – even in baking – and one surprise that makes them all taste even better. We rank them for appropriateness for the Roman Diet, and ultimately for optimal blood sugar stability.

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