HeConnection-Recipes-Salmon Cucumber Chili SaladHealth-e-Recipe: Salmon Cucumber Chili Salad

This Salmon Cucumber Chili Salad recipe is from the George Mateljan Foundation on the World’s Healthiest Foods website: http://whfoods.org. We tried this “transitional/Maintenance” recipe and loved it. It is a nice variation of the salmon and salad combination.

This is a transitional recipe in that it includes animal protein. We did not eat meat or any other animal protein for the first couple of years with our boys. This can also make a good recipe when transitioning into #TheRomanDiet and Health-e-Solutions lifestyle.

If you are inclined to eat meat, we encourage you to do so with moderation (about once or twice a week) and make it wild-caught Alaskan salmon or grass-fed, free-range meat. Remember the 75-25 rule: at least 75% fresh, whole raw, #VeryLowGlycemic, low #InsulinDemand, alkalizing foods combined with 25% or less of cooked foods is a winning formula for healthy eating.

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