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Monthly Support Subscription

Master Diabetes Naturally with Our Help

Annual commitment paid monthly

Y ou have attended our Health-e-Solutions Lifestyle workshop or completed our Home Study Course, and you are ready to take the road less traveled to Master Diabetes Naturally for better #BloodSugarControl and better living. We make available to you Monthly Support as you travel this road. We don’t want you to feel alone. We will help you resolve each difficulty with lifestyle transformation by sharing our years of experience in a secret Facebook group setting.

  • Membership to our secret Facebook support group (nobody can see the group, its members or their posts except the members of the group)
  • A forum with direct access to Dan and Sally Roman
  • Unlimited Secret Facebook Group Support
  • Unlimited direct email support
  • Priority support
  • Practical, livable, sustainable lifestyle tips and encouragement
  • Natural diabetes support and solutions
  • Assessments of diabetes research, supplements and natural treatments
  • Access to new Natural Solutions publications each month – worth over $450.00!
  • Food reviews
  • Free recipes
  • And much more!

Monthly Support (Annual Subscription Paid Monthly): $97.00 per month

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– OR –

Annual Subscription Paid Yearly: $996.00/year – equivalent to only $83.00 per month

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(Note: We require a year commitment if you choose the Annual or Monthly Subscription options. We find this provides the best opportunity for long term success, firmly establishing a new mindset and lifestyle pattern.)

This is for serious, like-minded people who want to make the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle #PracticalLivableSustainable in their everyday lives. We have lived this lifestyle since 2008. We no longer think about it as an alternative, but instead as our natural way of living and thinking. We want to help you achieve the same success.

The secret Facebook group emphasizes the Health-e-Solutions #FrameworkOfHOPEHealth (including environment, exercise, food, sleep and stress management), Outlook (mental, spiritual and physical), Planning (planning, preparation and organization) and Evaluation (measuring success and progress). The emphasis is on the practical for those who have been through one of the HeS Workshops or the Audio-Video Course.

If you are unable to make a year commitment, but would prefer to pay as you go, we have a pay-as you-go extended support service for you to purchase one month at a time. We would love to have you join us on this lifestyle transformation journey for thriving health and better blood sugar control.