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Dan & Sally Roman Personal Consults

We provide you with personal phone and Skype consults in a wide range of session lengths to fit yourneeds. If you are local, we’ll consult with you in person!

Our personal experience and proven track record put us in a unique position to assist you. We have lived and practiced this lifestyle with results beyond our wildest expectations. We’d like to share our success with you.

Our innovative and alternative natural solutions and support services work with all types of diabetes: Type 1, Type 2. MODY, LADA, pre-diabetes, metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance and more!  (* results may vary)

We can help! Let us be your consultant. Our lifestyle solutions will put you on a road to better #BloodSugarControl, better health and vitality, and may help you in your efforts to stop long term disease progression – Yes, perhaps even with type 1 diabetes!

The goal of phone or Skype personal consults

  • Introduce you to #PracticalLivableSustainable methods of implementing the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle
  • Provide individualized answers for your specific needs
  • Equip you to coordinate your own lifestyle transformation and health care
  • Offer you encouragement from our own experience and the experiences of others
  • Work with health care professionals interested in applying lifestyle transformation as part of their plan of care

Contact us at (480) 834-7447 to learn more!

Purchase a phone or Skype consultation session using our secure payment portal. It’s fast and secure! After your purchase, we will send you a confirmation email and arrange for a date and time for the consultation.

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