HeConnection-Recipes-Shish KabobsHealth-e-Recipe: Shish Kabobs

We had a Shish Kabobs party the other night for a birthday dinner.  We had cubes of tofu, grape tomatoes and slices of green peppers, red peppers, zucchini, and onions.  I marinated them in a mixture of grapeseed oil, Bragg Liquid aminios, REAL SALT, pepper, fresh ginger (we get organic, fresh ginger in a tube), fresh crushed garlic, and fresh lime juice.

Each person could make their own shish kabob.  We placed them on a baking sheet greased with grapeseed oil and cooked them at 400 degrees until they were lightly cooked. We served this with a colorful, big salad.  These would be great for grilling. They were very festive and delectable!

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