HeConnection-Equipped-Skinny on Obesity- Hunger-Hormones Vicious CylceSkinny on Obesity- Hunger-Hormones Vicious Cylce

Health-e-Solutions comment: Skinny on Obesity- Hunger-Hormones Vicious Cylce – Take 8 minutes out of your day and PLEASE watch this video.  If you want to understand why many diets don’t work and the science behind HOW obesity works, watch this video.  You’ll learn the reasoning behind why diets like that in the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle work. Essentially, insulin blocks leptin in the brain and makes you hungrier. Dr Gregor fails to mention that sugars and such (breads and grains included) increase blood glucose, which up-regulates insulin (keep that fact in mind when you get towards the end of the video).

HeS Right Carbs-Skinny on Obesity- Hunger-Hormones Vicious CylceOur Recipe e-Books provide alternatives to the usual high-carb, high insulin-demand, low nutrition foods that are standard fare for the typical western diet. Our Home Study Course teaches you how to implement the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle in a practical and livable way. Our support services can make the difference between success and failure during your transformation. And our advanced resources will take you deeper into practical application and underlying research. We think it can form the foundation for a natural, way to better control all types of diabetes.