Small Lifestyle Changes Improve Diabetes Outcomes


HeConnection-Treatment-Prevention-Small Lifestyle ChangesSmall lifestyle changes have big impacts and knowledge is golden….

A new national survey conducted on 300 physicians unveiled the feeling that patients with type-2 diabetes should place emphasis on small lifestyle changes in order to effectively manage their disease. Physicians think that these small lifestyle changes could have a big impact in the treatment of type-2 diabetes:

97% of physicians believe that if patients understood the impact of a small 5 to 10 pound weight loss that type 2 diabetes patients would have more success in disease management.

Physicians are not satisfied with current treatments for type-2 diabetes, with 7 in 10 physicians feeling that oral medication therapies do not address glucose control, weight loss, and blood pressure in a single treatment.

The other challenge noticed by the general public and physicians is that type 2 diabetes patients do not understand the impact that uncontrolled sugar has on their bodies.

Physicians feel that patients do not recognize that diabetes can affect every organ in the body such as the heart, kidneys, and pancreas.

Dr. David Horwitz, chief medical officer of the Johnson & Johnson Diabetes Institute says, “The survey results highlight the importance of taking a more holistic approach to diabetes management.” “We need to help patients focus beyond just the reduction of blood sugar to address other related medical issues.”

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