Alkalizing Your Body for Better Metabolic BalanceHeS- Alkalizing-Your-Body-Cover

Balance is the key to great health…

One of the many impressive balancing acts that occur in the body on a continuous basis is the creation of acid by metabolic processes, countered by the neutralization of acid by alkaline buffers, thus alkalizing your body.

Unfortunately, most all of the foods that you eat today are acid-forming such as processed food products, most bottled goods, fats, oils, sugars, bakery goods, cereals and most cooked, fried and baked goods. The typical western diet consists of about 80 percent acidic foods and only about 20 percent alkaline foods when we think you should be eating exactly the opposite – 80 percent alkaline foods and only 20 percent acidic foods.

You CAN impact your long term health and well-being, by changing your diet and lifestyle. Choosing alkalizing foods is a great way to focus on healthier options than most of the standard diet in westernized countries and cultures.  In this special report we discuss

  • pH and your body – how it works
  • How food affects pH balance
  • The consequences of an acid-alkaline imbalance
  • The REAL problem with acid-alkaline imbalance
  • Acid-alkaline balance and diabetes
  • How you can have a positive impact

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