Joey-T-Family-Stopping for the oneSome of the greatest rewards in helping others are to hear of their success and to watch them grow and change in their outlook on life. This humbling note from a family who went through our Home Study Course and then signed up for our Extended Support subscription service expresses exactly what we so enjoy doing in serving others with our products, services and our lives:

“Hi Sally (& Dan!),

“I just read your post about the family coming to a personal workshop and something just tugged at my heart.  What you and Dan are doing reminds me of a missionary couple in Mozambique.  We were at a conference a while back and watched this video:  Your hearts and lives made me think of Heidi, on a different field, I understand, but nevertheless…  You are stopping for the one – one person, one family, whatever the case may be.  And you are changing lives.  I am now more equipped and knowledgeable than I was, and I am stopping for the one, and am especially compelled when it’s diabetes related, whether I’m at Walgreens or Sam’s Club or wherever.  Compassion just rises up for them and what they are going through.  It is because of your lives and your love for people that has been demonstrated, that we can all change someone’s world as ours have been changed.  Like Heidi says, “love looks like something,” and a lot of the time, it’s stopping for the one.

Thank you for taking my phone call that day in June two years ago, when you were already so busy – that changed our livesThank you for stopping for me.  Thank you for stopping for Joey.  You’ve made such a difference!!!  I just wanted to let you know!!!

“Last night after I read Sally’s post, the above video came to mind and I looked it up.  After watching it, I saw why:  I could relate, even though totally different circumstances faced me.  I saw in it how God used you two to reach Joey and me (and our family).  How many times I’ve thought things about people and haven’t taken the time to say it or write it, I can’t say (too many times, undoubtedly), but I was overwhelmed after watching that and felt compelled to stop…  and let you know what I saw in you and Sally – the very heart of Jesus – It’s what love looks like!!

“God bless you both abundantly!” *

(* results may vary)

It is most rewarding to know this family is now stopping for the one(s) they encounter in their lives. We believe serving others is an essential part of optimal blood sugar control and thriving health. When done with the right attitude and motive, it does not disappoint.

Health-e-Solutions Home Study Course-Stopping for the oneThere is nothing as exhilarating as attending this workshop live and in person, where you see live demonstrations of  healthy therapeutic food, snacks and drinks, and where you have the opportunity to interact with other like-minded people who wish to #MasterDiabetesNaturally.

We understand that not everybody can make it to a workshop. So we are bringing the core workshop to you! We have created a variety of home study course packages so that you can pick the option that best fits your needs.