Stress, Emotions, Blood Sugar

This is an encouraHeConnection-Stress-Manage-Stress, Emotions, Blood Sugarging message we received from a single mom raising three health-challenged kids (one with type 1 diabetes) on the Health-e-Solutions lifestyle. All three have greatly improved from their diabetes, autism and celiac disease by this lifestyle. The boy with type 1 diabetes has been able to manage his type 1 diabetes without exogenous insulin for over two years now. However, this is a reminder to be vigilant about Stress, Emotions, Blood Sugar – it does affect blood sugars, sometimes more than you would expect:

“Following our conversation yesterday, I took [my son] for a walk while his sister had her dental appointment. I was able to locate the sources of stress and pain in talking with him regarding his grandmother’s visit, and the Lord lifted his spirits. I checked him before dinner and he was at 84, the best reading in several days. At bedtime he was at 107, and this morning he woke up at 97. (I gave the extra serving of bicarbonate salts plus lots of green drink, more than usual, yesterday). I am truly grateful and humbled for this renewed discovery that stress plays such a large role in his well-being. It seems that emotional pain can completely turn his sytems upside down!

“Thank you, as always, for helping me regain perspective and find a way through. How can I ever thank you enough? I pray that God is richly and will richly reward you and your family for your kindness to those struggling with this condition.” *

(* results may vary)

Stress does not have to be from negative events to have an impact on blood sugars. Happy and exciting events can also “play” with your blood sugars. It is a good idea to manage stress so that you are aware of the potential to impact glucose control. We consider stress management one of the five pillars supporting better living and improving blood glucose control.

Our recipe e-books and home study course will teach you how to transform your lifestyle in a practical, livable way for long term sustainability and better living. You will enjoy a natural way to help manage type 1 and type 2 diabetes with healthy, natural, whole, very low-glycemic foods. While Health is critically important, Outlook, Planning and Evaluation are also part of our framework of HOPE. Cultivating a lifestyle that seeks to improve these four foundational principles will take you far on the road toward a thriving life.