HeS-News-Success-Thanking the Lord Health-e-Solutions comment: We did a Skype consult with this family and gave them some dietary suggestions that might help them reduce the amount of insulin required by their daughter, whom was diagnosed recently with Type 1 diabetes. The results were immediate and very welcome by this family. Just listen to their excitement.

“We are getting ready to order the [Home Study] Course. Once we did the Skype [consult] with you and Sally, [our daughter] voluntarily took 90% of her meat intake out of her diet. Since Thursday her numbers are stable (around 130 and below, usually much lower) and no [migraine] headaches!!!!!!! This is only a minor step with a huge payoff. We have also reduced her Lantus another 10%… We are thanking the Lord every day for the information you have available. Hope is being restored to reduce and possibly eliminate her intake of insulin. Thank You!” *

(* results may vary)

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