The Best Lifestyle on the Planet

Health-e-Solutions comHeConnection-HeS-Lifestyle-Best Lifestylement: Now nearly two years off insulin following “The Best Lifestyle on the Planet” and going strong, this young woman is an inspiration to us. We trust her message below will be the same for you. Taking this journey one day at a time is sound advice for all of us.

“I am going on 16 months off of insulin, I got off of insulin 8 months after diagnosis when we stumbled upon your website. I have continued to take this journey a day at a time and have learned a lifetime’s worth of knowledge following this lifestyle. My levels are stable and within a healthy range. I have recently experienced the dawn phenomenon (waking up between 130-140) for three days and it was a little stressful but all is well. Some things snuck back into our life for a minute, such as corn chips, but they are now buried forever. I am flourishing and finally passed my mom up by 1 inch 🙂

“As my mom and I read through your new recipe book, we were enlightened by the new ideas and gathered information from the best lifestyle on the planet… we adored your new book.

“My two year anniversary is just around the corner and it surprisingly went by so fast!”

To Health,

Marianna Rivera *

(* results may vary)

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  • Health-e-Solutions-Consults- their HbA1c percentage
  • Reduced or eliminated insulin requirements,
  • Reversed symptoms and complications
  • Improved insulin sensitivity
  • Improved fasting and post-prandial blood glucose levels
  • Increased c-peptide secretion and insulin production
  • Decreased or eliminated insulin antibodies
  • Normalized their weight

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